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Man pleads no contest in 2000 murder


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HERTFORD — A Perquimans County man charged with murdering another man in Hertford more than 14 years ago will spend the next four years in prison after pleading no contest to a lesser charge earlier this week.

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Try this in VA!

@freespeaker If these same thugs were to committ crimes like this across the state line, their butts would be senior citizens before they got out. NC is very soft on crime compared to our sister state.


now that the story matches the tag line, killing a person in cold blood only requires 6 years of jail time? Yet, a heroin trafficker has to serve a 10-20 year sentence. A person's life is really not worth much in today's society is it?


Does anyone know how to proof read or post at the DA? The paper copy is just as bad. On the lemonade recipe it says continued from page 8 and it is printed on page 8. Really sad how many mistakes are in the online and printed paper.


What the hell does Randy Krainiak have to do with the man that plead no contest to murder? Be nice if the Daily Advance actually took time to check the stories they are supposed to print. Where is that story?


The Daily Advance needs to work on their tag lines.

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