Ex-police chief at ECSU arrested, charged

By William F. West

The Daily Advance

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The State Bureau of Investigation has charged the former head of Elizabeth City State University’s police department with willfully failing to investigate nearly 80 on-campus criminal complaints, including 12 reported sexual assaults.

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Every action, or lack thereof, has consequences.

Spread the Blame

wow, now everyone is quaking in their boots because Beamon will surely tell how Gilchrist, on the misguided advice of his right-hand-man-who-kicked-him-to-the-curb Ali Khan, TOOK cases off the table and HANDLED them himself to thwart an investigation into them! This is going to get HOT and I am sitting back waiting for it all to unfold, yet again. It includes on-campus complaints by faculty (how ya like that Mr. still covering-up-Dockery?), staff, (oops, still a gift from Donna to Dockery), and those non-existent investigations; let us not forget Atty. Brown's phantom investigations also. Let's have a nice clean exorcism at ECSU, get rid of the "favors" among the favored so that the school can once again get back to the business of educating students.Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Got that right!

Some of the guiltiest at ECSU are still oblivious to any concern and have not a clue they are the biggest culprits of workplace violence, threats, intimidation and harassment. ECSU has quite an established culture of bullying among staff. Seen it first hand. Makes me feel sorry for how students get treated.

Yep, little, "nice clean exorcism at ECSU, get rid of the "favors" among the favored so that the school can once again get back to the business of educating students" is long overdue and still yet to happen.

If ECSU does not "axe" the staffers who are on the payroll and have phantom jobs with murky schedules/work hours/accountability and are given a state car to be seen all over eastern NC - from Chowan Co. to the beaches of Dare Co.-- cough, cough, supposed to be "working" on site at COA-Dare one day a week - then this is all lip service. You can only recruit students for the university if the enrollment increases.

Let us not pick on a select person, like Beamon, who is doing wrong unless you are willing to address them all. Far worse happens on a daily basis that goes unreported. Truly qualified professionals with sincere work ethics realize quickly they can't "fight the organized crime mentality on campus" and quietly leave for better career opportunities and it serves no purpose to recount tales of terror from their employ at ECSU. Truth is stranger than fiction.

You're on Target

Can you imagine that only two of us are concerned? The really scary part, is that Khan-the-trickster boasted in an open campus email that he did not regret any decisions he made during his time (much too long)as provost.... REALLY? A real leader has to make hard and unpopular decisions, but he doesn't relish the task! NO regrets Khan? You got rid of (laid-off is a pathetic term) ALL of those employees and interrupted their livelihood? And all with No regrets... WOW! See, I blame Gilchrist for letting Khan assume a power position that he then turned into a plantation mentality. All this was a result of the flattery that Gilchrist loves so much and Khan had plenty to give. Thus, the favors-for-friends. Yeah, Beamon was the fall guy. He received the complaints and started to act on a few only to be halted by Big Willie and the Khan-ster who never rose to the height of being able to tell Willie anything other than what Willie wanted to hear. Thus, Beamon can set the record straight during his trial, unless, of course, he was PAID to suck it up. You know, like paying a dean who has not been on this campus the entire year named Jones . Doesn't the Board or UNC GA read some of this stuff and investigate what is going on down here? Or are they too, just sitting back shaking their befuddled heads? This is all too, too, too much.

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