Elizabeth City State University Administration Building,  pictured Thursday.

Thomas J. Turney/The Daily Advance

Elizabeth City State University Administration Building, pictured Thursday.

Area officials denounce closure study


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Area officials on Thursday strongly denounced a state Senate proposal to study closing Elizabeth City State University, saying the closure would do “irreparable harm” to Elizabeth City and Pasquotank County.

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Those Republicans do not care

Those Republicans do not care about anyone but themselves. They love it that a black run campus is in disarray and would love to see the university dissolved. It is not over until GOD says that it is over. They can not control God no matter how they try.

Those Republicans do not care

Those Republicans do not care about anyone but themselves. They love it that a black run campus is in disarray and would love to see the university dissolved. It is not over until GOD says that it is over. They can not control God no matter how they try.

Playing emotion not facts

Please, stick to facts, not recriminations.

And there it is.

The example of the problem in all its glory.

Noteably, I wasn't asked to comment on issue

but if I had been I would offer that ECSU must first be an institute of higher education for the entire NENC region and stop being just an HBCU.

Next I would note that it should play a vital role in developing the next generation of STEM qualified graduates needed to support our growing aerospace industry.

Then we should understand that it is a significant economic driver in Pasquotank County and its demise would seriously compromise our economic recovery.

Finally, I would say that despite the protestations of Mr. Brooks, Ms. Hummer, Mr. King, Mr. Horton, and Mr. Spence to the contrary, we should pass a resolution of support for the establishment of a viable and vibrant college focused on educating our children for the future.

But I wasn't asked.

Is there a hidden agenda there? Ask those other folks.

Double standard here

"I would offer that ECSU must first be an institute of higher education for the entire NENC region and stop being just an HBCU."................ I am sorry to have read this............. ECSU already IS an institution of higher education for all................ Has been for a long time................. It cannot stop being a historically black institution (HBCU) any more than East Carolina U or UNC-CH can stop being traditionally white institutions. An institution cannot change its history!................ The data make it clear that ECSU right now is doing far better than many UNC constituent institutions in being an institution for all.................. Compare ECSU to its neighbor 90 miles or so away--ECU.................... ECSU has a higher percentage of whites than ECU has of blacks. ECU has been closing the gap--the gap used to be massive. Ever since integration ECSU has been near or at the top in terms of serving a diverse student population. It still is..................... In terms of faculty, there is no contest. The vast majority of faculty at ECU are white; many departments at ECU have far less than 10% black faculty. Contrast that with the diverse faculty at ECSU. Some departments are 30-40% white, and many faculty hail from outside of the United States. ECSU got on board with increasing diversity in the late 50's, back when many schools still had policies barring blacks from attending period....................... ECSU's focus on diversity makes it a stronger institution. Students are more prepared to deal with an increasingly diverse world and an increasingly global economy. Enrollment may be a current problem, but diversity certainly is not....................... I would agree that some institutions in the UNC system do not serve the region--and indeed the state--as well as they should. But why criticize an institution that has been doing that better than most, while overlooking the other ones that have so much room for improvement?...................... Funny how in my 15 years here in NC I have never heard anyone tell ECU, or NCSU, or WCU, or Chowan, to stop being TWI's. I have heard the complaint against HBCUs far more times, even though those institutions deserve it the least........................... Reinforcing double standards does no good toward advancing effective solutions....................... Have a nice day.

You miss the point.

It is not the diversity people complain about. This is , I agree, a positive of the school. It is not who attends that is the problem or it's history. It is the HBCU designation used as an excuse for excusing its failings and the ridiculous explanation for its "targeting". Enrollment IS the problem, as are all the other objective factors in determining performance like safety and security, fiscal management, academic and degree quality, accreditation, subsidy funding,etc. This defensiveness over diversity being the problem IS in and of itself, the problem and too often the excuse.

Dixon and Horton would be well-served

to follow the leadership model of Mayor Peele. Their irresponsible, partisan comments speculating as to motives including, "hidden" agendas will do nothing to benefit their constituents. It is entirely appropriate for the legislature to review any campus of the university system that has such dramatic enrollment downturns. 33% fewer students? My goodness, if people don't get how derelict those in charge of tax payer dollars would be for turning a blind eye to this, you lack perspective and an understanding of responsible budgeting. Many, many people have warned about the possibility of ECSU closing if it cannot operate to the standards of the other UNC campuses. The warnings seem to have done little to change local attitudes of those entrenched in the institution. Mr. King and his black caucus whining, finger wagging and stomping of feet will not change reality. Although it will likely make Ms. James cheer for how wonderful Rev. Barber is-flippancy intended! Few care about the black issue, Mr. King. We want a quality institution that provides an opportunity for students-of any color-period, to contribute. It is a vitally important institution to this community if and only if it chooses to be that. Not if it is merely a hot bed of racial bias, propping a few up on the backs of many, that cannot meet UNC standards. The fate of ECSU has and will always be in those who work there and the alumni who have always made excuses and used it for their personal agendas. The interim Chancellor seems hell-bent on getting it where it needs to be, despite this.I applaud his efforts despite major obstacles from a crowd of folks who have always thought of this campus as their entitled personal kingdom.

"supremely helpful"

How about that "flippancy"? Was that appropriate?

Self imposed crisis

ECSU's plight reminds me of a saying I heard once. "You never get so high that you can't come down, but you can get so low that you can't get up". They made their own bed. Now they have to lay in it.


Where are Mr. Cook and Mr. Steinburg? Did you try to reach them?


Did you try to reach them?

Cook is worthless

From the sister story:

Cook said he opposes closing ECSU but will nonetheless vote for the Senate budget when it comes up for a vote that he expects will be on Saturday. Cook said he believes fellow senators are ready to approve next year’s budget “and there’s not much we can do about it at this point.”

I would have to agree

with your complaint about Sen. Cooke's quote. If accurate, he is deserving of the criticism. Regardless of the inevitability of any vote result, it is his responsibility to make his position, and our best interest as his constituents, known. I expect to hear my State Senator say what he will do on our behalf, not whine about obstacles.

Closing ECSU

I don't believe that it being an economic engine is a reason to keep ECSU open. That is not the mission of the university. I don't believe being a historically black college is a reason to keep it open either. Puck on all this racial stuff. If there is a reason to keep ECSU open it is because it geographically provides opportunity for the "students" of NENC to obtain a four year education. If excellence in education was the priority, which includes hiring the right administration and staff,this closing would never have been proposed.

ECSU is vital to the economy and the citizens

of this area. But don't blame Raleigh for what we locals turned a blind eye to. So we can take the blinders off and all work to see that ECSU succeeds or we can continue the path of least resistance and watch as a vital part of our economy and avenue for local higher education is shuttered. I suggest that when our local contingent calls Raleigh, instead of blaming them, respectively ask what we can do to turn this around. I have already sent an email to that effect. This is going to take a concerted effort of local businesses, local educators, and local governments, (including surrounding counties) to push for change and another chance. I would propose that the first item would be a clean sweep of the Board of Trustees with replacements that at this time have no history with the university. It will take a fresh set of eyes and an iron will to institute the changes required to save ECSU. Betsy Meads

Well said.

Does anyone find it interesting that King and Horton voted against the stem curriculum referendum arguing with Ms. Hummer that education is not the Council's business, but they had no issue with taking positions in the paper about ECSU and running to Raleigh to join the State legislature's black caucus business regarding education? The constituents of the 4th Ward should think long and hard about these gentlemens motives and interests that seem to be very narrow.

Very well said

Interesting point about their various positions on 'non-interference'.

I Agree

that we need to replace all the Board of Trustees and show that ECSU means business in cleaning up and right sizing the university. This area needs to show that we can work with Raleigh and do more that criticize. This area needs more Republicanss in leadership that have connections to Raleigh for influence that are not just in the street protesting.

Betsy, I agree

I agree with almost everything you said, except for the part about Raleigh.

Sorry, Mr. King

The actions of those charge over the past few years have damaged ECSU' s image (crime stats, pharmacy school debacle, aviation program disarray, etc), which has led to the down turn in enrollment, which has led to the Senate bill. If you're going to "connect the dots", start at the right end.

That wa

supremely helpful. ECSU is crucial to Northeastern NC. Your flippancy is inappropriate.

Your self-righteousness absolutely

amazes me. What would we do without your dramatic posts telling those posting who is right and wrong and who should speak and how? "Flippancy" intended!


Pointing out the very problems covered in this city's newspaper, which have brought ECSU to its current situation is being flippant? I prefer brevity.

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