Doris Johnson, owner of the nearby Island Breeze Grille (inset), says the detours have cost her a loss in business.
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William F. West

Doris Johnson, owner of the nearby Island Breeze Grille (inset), says the detours have cost her a loss in business.

The Detour Blues: Project costing downtown biz

“It’s really bad because a lot of my customers don’t know how to get 
in there.”

Andy Zheng
Manager, Toyama Japanese Restaurant

By William F. West

The Daily Advance

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Downtown restaurateurs say the Elizabeth Street restoration project’s recent closing of a key access point to the downtown has made finding their businesses more difficult, costing at least one restaurant half its customers.

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I simply do not see why potential customers have such a hard time following the detour signs. Are they simply lazy or are illiterate in comprehending simple directions?

I am so sorry for the loss of

I am so sorry for the loss of business in your establishments. God will provide for you.

detour blues

Guys, in your article about the detours on Poindexter it says the closure of Elizabeth Street at South Poindexter. Don't you mean NORTH Poindexter. South Poindexter is south of Main Street, North Poindexter is north of Main Street where it meets Elizabeth Streetin the article the businesses affected by the closure/detour is in the 200 block of NORTH Poindexter Street. Do you guys need a map, or help to know the difference of north and south when it comes to street names, that's what the street signs are there for read them, use them.

I suppose

I suppose the detours have left them confused, as well.

Downtown businesses losing customers

While I understand the frustrations of the downtown business owners, I do not understand why they are not being more proactive in getting customers to come through those doors. Complain all you want, but unless you entice us, some of us simply won't come. Where are your "Yes, We're Open!" ads in the paper? Why aren't you offering discounts on meals or services? Or maybe you are, but only do those venturing into town through your doors know this? There are so many things you could do but don't. Perhaps the downtown businesses could pool their resources together to put out a mailing with info on where to park. When there are events going on, like the Farmers' Market, walk around with flyers. Offer coupons. Use social media to your advantage! Twitter, facebook, email...the opportunities are endless and in some cases, free. If you want to succeed, show us. Don't wring your hands in frustration when you haven't even scratched the surface of opportunities you have to draw us in.

Each street in its turn.

All of the roads crossing Elizabeth street are/have been affected by the road work, whether it was the (often ignored) 'no left from causeway to Water St.', or the now closed access to Poindexter.

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