Holly Koerber: ECSU has shown progress, must not resist it now

By Holly Koerber

The Daily Advance

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Before it was removed on Friday, the state Senate’s budget proposal included a provision ordering the study of closing University of North Carolina campuses that have had a 20 percent or more drop in enrollment.

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Well put

and may I add ---very well needed.

Note bene!

I hope the ECSU administration, the ECSU Board of Trustees, all local, state and federal elected officials, all supporters and non supporters of ECSU, all media, all voters, all "movers and shakers", both in the northeast and statewide, and all those who care about educational and economic opportunity in this region of the state, read and heed what Ms. Koerber has written. Once again she has written a well thought out, factually based column on a very serious issue facing not only the northeast, but the entire region and state. Kudos to Ms. Koerber for being so direct, sincere, forceful and enlightening in explaining this issue. Brava!


Mr./Ms. Lehmann - Thank-you for your excellent post. I agree 100% with your comments. Ms. Koerber - in this piece and others - writes on important local issues with integrity, wisdom & courage. You are correct, her work should be required reading for all City/County/State officials. Bill Hiemer

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