Area braces for new state laws

By Jon Hawley

Staff Writer

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Elizabeth City and Pasquotank County continue sorting through the flurry of legislation coming out of the General Assembly — and the major impacts it could have on local budgets, regulatory powers and quality of life.

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Happy Day!!!!

The passing of House Bill 1145 regulating mopeds and requiring them to be road-worthy and registered with the Division of Motor Vehicles as motorcycles are is a prayer answered. Hopefully, law enforcement will hold accountable those licenseless reckless operators of mopeds that ignore all traffic laws and endanger REAL motor vehicles and their operators who are properly licensed and insured.

Moped = DUI cycle

If the driver is over 18 then most likely Moped = DUI cycle

They're only running drugs.

These guys are definitely a hazard. They should be required to have a license to run drugs.

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