Dezi Bonds, Jamir Brazzle and Willis George

Dezi Bonds, Jamir Brazzle and Willis George

3 teens held in weekend shooting of EC woman

By William F. West

Staff Writer

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Three Elizabeth City teenagers are being held on felony charges following the shooting of a woman on a city street Saturday afternoon.

Dear Reader,
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Julie Reed

As a concerned citizen of Elizabeth City I want to see these young men remain in jail until they have had a fair trial. Whether I agree with the statements made in this thread is irrelevant. My focus is on Julie. Please write the District Attorney and let him know how you feel. You can make a difference. The 16 year old that allegedly shot Julie is under a $35,000 secured bond. I want to see that revoked and see that he remains in jail until his trial. I have visited Julie and she is grateful to be alive. She is strong but she is paralyzed. He should not walk the streets until he has had his day in court. If found guilty he should remain behind bars for a very long time. We have to take the streets back. That is not going to happen if $25,000 is the bond for accessory to attempted murder and $35,000 is the bond for attempted murder charged as an adult. Please contact the District Attorney Andrew Womble at 200 Colonial Avenue, EC, NC 27909 and help get justice for Julie and let her know she is safe from this person who allegedly shot her.

NO bond for Brzzle

An article in today's paper states that the bond has been increased to $150,000 for Brazzle who is the alleged shooter of Julie Reed. He was out of jail pending trial on assault and robbery of a 56 year old man. My hope is that the District Attorney will review this again and request a no bond order. Please let District Attorney Womble know how you feel about this matter.

Thugs for life!

These thugs will be thugs for life. They will never change. They probably were trouble makers in school and now thugs out on the streets. Prison will not rehabilitate them but only keep them off the streets. Lets just hope the District Attorney does not plea bargain and let them off with a slap on the wrist. People need to realize that evil is evil and you cannot change certain members of our society. These thugs will be back on the streets committing more crimes when they get out. The thug culture is taking over Elizabeth City.

eye for an eye

Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. Those three teens should get shot in the neck too, let them see how it feels when a hot, metal bullet tears through their soft flesh and gives them pain and bleeding from the wound they'll be saying "don't let me die" or "I want my mama". Let those who do the shooting suffer the same thing and in the same area. Example shoot someone in the neck, let him suffer the same, get paralyzed from the neck down your life is over you'll have it for the rest of your life. You can't walk, play sports or have any children. When the person gets shot and gets wounded or dies, the family of the shooter including the shooter himself should be sued by the victim's family for the wounding of the person or death of person that got shot.


Freespeaker commented on these young men's future and the end product. No where in my comments do I even suggest that people found GUILTY of a crime should not do the time. My comments were directed to the belief that if you did wrong you do not have to let that define your life. People who fall can get back up, they do not have to stay down. I wonder, Solidgranite, if you ever did anything you regretted and had some one to believe in you, not count you out and encourage you to do better. What's the alternative? If we don't have that hope and try to give others hope, life would indeed be most miserable and not worth living.

Bad Choices????

Pardon me, COA, but I believe that shooting an innocent person in the neck during an aborted robbery is far more than a "bad choice". If found guilty, these thugs should be penalized to the full extent of the law. All three were well above the "age of reason", and knew exactly what they were doing. Thugs like these count on liberal attitudes like yours, and are often back on the street committing more vicious crimes within mere days. People need to be held accountable for their actions, and that most certainly pertains to 16, 17 and 18 year-olds as well as the rest of us.


I am so glad Freespeaker does not have the last word on the lives of 16, 17 and 18 year olds who made bad choices. Is there anybody out there who made mistakes at that age and are glad that those choices and events during that period did NOT define you for the rest of your lives? If WE don't give up on them, maybe they won't give up on themselves. Like it a not, we are going to be affected by the choices others make. We can either influence them for good or wait and do nothing(talk and no action). Second Street neighborhood today, ours tomorrow! I believe we can turn the negative energy into positive change and do more to help our children, give them hope, provide positive outlets and make this OUR GREAT SOCIETY.

Class of what?

Such fine examples of the upper crust of society. All three have such bright futures. And these are the end product of Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society"?

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