Council approves tax, fee increases


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Elizabeth City City Council adopted a $68.2 million spending plan Monday night that increases the city property tax rate, raises the monthly garbage collection fee and boosts water and sewer rates.

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Mr. Lehmann, Do you have suggestions of what to cut in order to get to no tax increase? This is not a smart remark or a joke, I have followed your comments and remember you as always being an advocate for our citizens. I think you could lead a great movement to smaller government and hope you will take this seriously.

Omit the 401k city match

for city employees with the exception of those who encounter hazardous duty while on the job, i.e. law enforcement and firefighters, and only if this match is needed to adequately staff those departments. All others from city manager right on down should not have both a defined pension program for retirement and a city match to their 401k. I don't know of a single employer in the entire country that has such an extravagant dual retirement program. This is costing the taxpayers huge amounts of money. There are other ways to save, but this is the most glaringly obvious. I tried to do it when I was on council but was told Lehmann didn't know what he was talking about. The problem was Lehmann knew exactly what he was talking about, but he was stepping on too many toes.

No One

spoke against this tax increase. Are the citizens of EC like frogs in a slow boiling pot? Not realizing they are being cooked by small increases in the heat!

Instead of requiring the electorate to come to

public meetings to tell their elected representatives what to do, why not just vote the bums out if they continue to raise taxes.

Let's see,

City raises tax rate by .12/$100 valuation, raises fees for water, sewer and trash pickup. On top of that the County raises the tax rate by .13/$100 valuation plus raising water rates. What long term effect will this have on the store fronts along Main Street? How will it effect construction and economic development throughout the county? Does any one care? Do our elected officials, both city and county care? It certainly doesn't look like it. Let's just kick our taxpaying citizens in the teeth once again while they're down, and believe me they are down. I've lived here since '77 and believe me, from an economic standpoint, our Harbor of Hospitality is at an all time low. I have this advice to all politicians. Either get it right, or get out of government. Pray for our city and county.

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