Bud Wright: How our notable nationalists celebrate the 4th

By Bud Wright

The Daily Advance

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I have taken utmost pleasure in the colorful letters which I have received over my column of two weeks ago. You know, the one about the Cult of Mean?

They have been most instructive. I must complement my correspondents on their industry at locating me, as I’m not exactly in the book. Anyway, there are two nagging points that I would like to clear up. First, the term most commonly associated with female canines is spelled with a “T,” and second, my parents were, in fact, married. Keep those cards and letters coming!

Well, the Fourth of July is upon us once again. These annual occasions seem to come around as regularly as Sundays, now. I’ve always enjoyed the Fourth because it’s a low-expectation holiday. Fireworks and enthusiasm seem to be the chief prerequisites.

After that, there are backyard barbecues and other revels. Older residents may remember the parades that Louise and Jim Hill, proprietors of long-time local institution Hills Confectionary, used to organize and lead through the Riverside area of Elizabeth City. The “floats” consisted largely of bikes and coaster wagons festooned with red, white and blue bunting and flags. Lots and lots of flags. Oh, and sparklers, which were only marginally brighter than the faces of the kids who starred in the procession.

I’ve also always liked the uncomplicated but genuine patriotism that has historically accompanied the occasion.

At least it used to be uncomplicated. Nowadays it can get downright confusing. I thought in honor of the day we might examine some of the ways in which nationalism is currently being commemorated across the country by some of our more notable patriots.

• Hobby Lobby, a chain of hobby shops owned by Pentecostal Christian David Green, sued the government for the right to drop insurance coverage for contraception based on religious beliefs. Long story short, the conservative five-justice majority decided in their favor. Ruling, in effect, that “closely held” corporations can deny anything they wish to anyone they wish as long as it’s based on religious principles. The slippery slope here is glaringly obvious. If corporations are allowed to discriminate against individuals based on religious beliefs, then individuals who work for a private company are now at the mercy of any whim their employer may have ... as long as it’s religious in nature. This flies directly in the face of the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment. The justices know this. They simply don’t care. The workforce just got a lot meaner—- ahm — more discourteous.

• Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner is currently preparing a lawsuit against President Barack Obama, because he has “exceeded his presidential powers.” “Imperial” is the term most frequently bandied about by Congressional Republicans in describing him. The specific issue is executive orders, with which, Republicans are claiming, Obama has run wild.

Let’s define wild. Obama has, to date, issued 182 such orders, less than any president in 100 years — save one. George H. W. Bush issued only 166. To put this in perspective, George W. Bush issued 291, Ronald Reagan 381, Dwight Eisenhower 484 and Theodore Roosevelt 1,081. All of these gentlemen were Republican presidents and none were sued — or even substantively challenged — by the opposition party. But Democrats, to hear some tell it, are the vicious, partisan, power-abusers of the modern political era. OK.

• One of my favorite pundits in the whole world is Ann Coulter. If you are not familiar with Ann, you should acquaint yourself as rapidly as possible. She makes the rounds of all the networks, gifting us with her fearless pronouncements, but her home court is Fox News. Ann has described herself thusly: “I’m a Christian first and a mean-spirited, bigoted conservative second — and don’t you ever forget it!” Wow. You just don’t encounter that kind of unvarnished honesty anymore.

Her latest target is soccer. You know, as in the World Cup? Millions of Americans have been tuning into the championship series on TV, prompting a surge in the sport’s popularity. For decades, millions of all-American youngsters have played soccer all across the land. Its popularity is unquestioned.

So what is Ann’s take on the game? She flatly states that its rising popularity is evidence of America’s surging “moral decay.” Pretty much everyone who plays it, according to Ann, is a wuss. Soccer, in Ann’s words, is a “fruity” sport. Amazing. Those “fruity” guys look pretty athletic to me. But what do I know. I’m probably a wuss, too.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Fourth. Happy birthday, America!

Bud Wright is a published author who resides in Elizabeth City.


"discrimination" ?

With your own words Mr Wright you prove my case about toxic mud being thrown instead of facts. All employees of Hobby Lobby can get the abortion causing drugs if they want--what the company objects to is the provision thereof. My question to you is is it "discrimination" that alcohol is not allowed at AA meetings? or how about a Jewish Kosher resturant?--would they be forced to serve pork? Hmmm?


We celebrate freedom and the left celebrates Government

I guess the liberal goal

I guess the liberal goal would be for no person with strong religious beliefs to own a company especially If that person has strong religious beliefs that wouldn't allow him/her to pay for abortifacients. All business owners should be agnostics or atheists or ----- violate their religion. Some people take their religion seriously. Hobby Lobby starting wage for full-time employees $14 per hour. Part-time $9.50. Gosh they're mean. Even before Obamacare, their employees' health plan included 16 of 20 forms of contraception. Hobby Lobby does not punish its female employees or wives of their employees if they use abortifacients. Its owners just do not wish to pay for it. Abortion may be the law of the land, but that does not mean people have to like it. Ah, but birth control -- the Pill -- is God’s gift to humanity. Don’t mess with birth control. And so Democrats spun this into a birth control case. Even though Hobby Lobby covers 16 methods of birth control. America (and you too, Bud), you’ve been had. As others have pointed out - the number of executive orders should not be the measure. What is contained in the executive order is what matters. Take 5 convictions for traffic violations and compare to one conviction for murder. I think we all agree, the murder conviction would be considered worse. Bud, I see that you've bought into the progressive tripe just wanting to compare numbers and not content. Most of the liberal voters may not be smart enough to know the difference, but you should be - shame on you for trying to spread this myth. Who takes Ann Coulter seriously? Other than liberals bashing her, I know no conservatives that take her really seriously.


The Supreme Court clarified that the decision applies to ALL forms of contraception. The breadth of the decision is breathtaking. Where does it stop? Blood transfusions? Mental health meds? Racial discrimination? We will all have to wait and see.

There is a valid point here

I can see your point. Jehovah's Witnesses do not believe in blood transfusions and many common medical practices. Scientologists do not believe in any medical drugs. There is a point to be concerned about regardless of Hobby Lobby intentions the loophole has been made.

I can also see this as the unraveling of the Affordable Care Act as well. There are now many Democratic politicians behind the scene calling for the repeal of the employer mandate. This would then push the breath of the required coverage upon the individual. Who those in disagreement could sue to rip apart required coverage based on religion.

Give me a break

It stops exactly where they said it stops, you can't impose your non-religious beliefs on others, read the first amendment in the Constitution.

At least be honest

The Supreme Court simply said you have to pay your own way, new concept for the left!

Continue your columns Bud and continue to expose wrongs!

I enjoy your columns Bud and I am ideologically and philosophy on the same page with you. Many are even though we choose not to speak out like the right does. Anyone who would question someone's allegiance to soccer is, how shall I say it? Hmmm! I am without words on my opinion of Ann Coulter.

The number of Obama executive

The number of Obama executive orders is not the issue and you know it. That's a lot of BS. It's the specific types of executive orders that are being pushed. The type of orders that no other president including Jimmy Carter would have tried to forcibly push by Congress. These are also executive orders that have caused national chaos, case in point The Dream Act, and as if that didn't cause enough damage another order is on the way that will turn chaos into pandemonium.

Hey Bud, How about you and

Hey Bud, How about you and Sandra Fluke pay for my blood pressure meds. Failure to do so actively hinders access to affordable health care and constitutes a war on seniors.


Spelling is not their strong suit . . . Apparently definitions aren't either.

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