King missed panel’s first 2 meetings

By Jon Hawley

The Daily Advance

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Half the members of a new city committee made up of college students were missing from the panel’s first two meetings. Also missing was a city councilor tapped as one of the group’s two liaisons to City Council.

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Forgetting his platform?

Didn't Mr. King run on the fact he was a student, graduating and continuing on to Law School here, as his reason to be elected? So far, he has now opted out of law school, and now we learn he hasn't attended two meetings of a Collegiate Council? Wonderful.

He must have been working on

the next Rachel Maddow episode.

It is very interesting, the animal of politics,

that is. Some people stand on principle and some just want to be liked. I guess that is why politics now turns my stomach!


Great job by Mayor Peel in turning a long discussed concept into reality. Sure hope his participation does not prompt calls for another investigation! Would be very interesting if Mr. Hawley & TDA would run a follow-up story during the Spring 2015 semester. This type of program will take a little while to find it's legs & reap tangible benefits. Mr. King should be the ideal Council member to be a conduit between our local college students and local government/civic/business persons. Wonderful to see such a potentially positive program kick-off. Thanks, again, Mayor Peel. Please continue to do good work. Bill Hiemer

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