Letter: Obama 'trying’ to stem border crisis not good enough

By Mark Goddard

The Daily Advance

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After picking myself up off the floor from laughing so hard at Bud Wright’s latest nonsensical drivel bashing Republicans, I wanted to ask, “Does The Daily Advance actually pay him to write his mostly factually devoid editorials to his low-information liberal Democrat voters?”

Dear Reader,
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catch 22

First the 'right' wants to sue the president because he is using executive actions too much and now you criticize because he won't use it to stop what you call illegals, but what the law calls refugees. He has to follow the law that Bush signed which is what is happening with all the children or use some type of executive action to do things differently. Make up your mind. Out of curiosity, how would you solve the problem of illegals? Shoot them? Build a wall like you praised Ronald Reagan for 'tearing down this wall' in Germany? (Still would have to shoot them if they tried climbing the wall.) I am eagerly looking forward to your solution and please don't fall back on "he needs to do his job" I want to hear your PERFECT solution. I have a solution: Imprison any person employing anyone that is in this country illegally. You hire someone to cut your grass only after seeing their green card OR you go to jail. That includes those corporations that have been determined to be 'people' So yeah, if Walmart is caught then Mr. Walton goes to JAIL! No employment = no one coming here illegally.

Thank You

Thank you, absolute.

Very well stated, Mr. Goddard and please

pass Melanie more Kool-Aid.

Do you

Do you even understand that this crisis is being driven by the unintended consequences of a law signed by President Bush? I didn't think so. Do you realize that President Obama has had far less "vacations" (not that any President gets vacations) than President Bush?


He needs to take more vacations and we might get out of his mess!

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