Dump truck, pickup collide on Perquimans road

The Perquimans Weekly

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HERTFORD — Perquimans County emergency officials were responding Friday afternoon to a collision between a dump truck and a heavy-duty pickup truck.

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Terrible accident

I witnessed this crash and was a volunteer first responder, along with others, awaiting fire, rescue and sheriff arrivals. Hope both men are okay as this was a horrific sight coming down the street. Luckily no other vehicles were involved. Not to say who was a fault but these overburdened dump trucks, that are usually going at break neck speeds, up and down Harvey Point Road, most definitely had something to do with the ultimate outcome of the situation. From my vantage point, I would have to say a front wheel exploded, with a very loud boom, before any metal crunching could be heard, on the dump truck as it entered a curve and it veered into oncoming traffic. A terrible sight. The state police really needs to step up enforcement of the speeding on this road by everyone, not just these huge trucks. People act like this is a raceway with no limits. Sometimes I am afraid to pull out of my driveway because of the vehicles screaming by so fast. Did not get the UPS driver's name but he should be commended for his efforts in trying to render assistance to the trapped and unconscious dump truck driver. He went above and beyond what anyone could or should expect a non trained professional to do, to help render life saving assistance in a dire situation.

Thank you

For that first hand observation. Harvey Point Road is dangerous and I agree with the need for additional enforcement.


Perhaps because this report came from The Perquimans Weekly and/or because a helicopter was called but couldn't launch? Or are you suggesting that Hertford is unimportant to TDA readers and only Pasquotank counts? Maybe TDA just didn't have a reporter available to cover the Pasquotank accident? I'm just confused as to your point. Sorry


We can get accident report from Hertford. But not a thing on one in Pasquotank at Halls Creek and US 17. Car turned over.

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