Providence Acres residents cite poor roads, flooding

By Jon Hawley

The Daily Advance

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Apparently unable to get any traction in the court system, residents of a Pasquotank subdivision pressed their case with county commissioners on Monday, claiming the disintegrating condition of their roads is creating a public safety hazard.

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I have closed many real estate transactions over the years. At not one of them were a banker, realtor or seller, just me and my attorney. Besides, finding out the house you are buying is on a private road should be something that happens long before getting to closing.

It pays to read the small print

and question anything that is not clearly understood. Wording contained in documents such as cited in the article is the very reason that sellers, realtors, and banks hurry the buyer along when signing purchasing documents. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The seller washes his hands of the matter. The realtor hopes that the owner gets disgusted and sells later on (5%-7% sales commission times 2), and the bank hopes they can handle another loan on the sale or foreclose on the property. Buyers beware!

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