New Currituck airport manager begins job over objection

By Cindy Beamon

The Daily Advance

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CURRITUCK — Currituck’s new airport manager starts work Monday despite one county commissioner’s attempt to restart the hiring process.

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What in the world were the commissioners thinking?

Don't advertise the position? Accept the County Manager's decision to hire Mr. Haddad without commissioner's approval, particularly when Mr. Haddad has exactly zero experience in aviation? I can think of about a dozen retired military pilots with advanced degrees who could easily fill that job. I think Currituck commissioners should start advertising for a new County Manager.

Is this the same guy

that was Bill Luton's campaign manager and worked for Butterfield for a while?

Same Guy

He's never held a real job since working for Daily Advance, every thing else he has used grant funds. This guy has more BS than a herd of Bulls.

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