E-Chowan Schools eye $427K less

“... The budget ‘trues up’ the teacher assistant allotment and transfers dollars that are already being spent on teachers to the classroom teacher allotment. Local school districts still have the full flexibility to devote these funds to teacher assistants if they choose.”

State Sen. Bill Cook

By JON HAWLEY and corinne saunders

Staff Writers

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Even though the new state budget provides $59 million more for K-12 public education than last year’s spending plan, at least two area school districts are saying they will receive less overall funding.

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Where is Paul Harvey when we need him?

I want to hear the rest of the story.


Mr. Lehmann - I believe you will get your wish. Since reading the TDA article by Ms. Saunders on WED, "Seeing Red", I have done a great deal of reading (news & opinion pieces from across NC) on line about this very complicated - and unfortunately politically charged - "teachers raise" legislation. I am certainly not an expert, but I am now informed. I believe Gov. McCrory - after input from many school superintendents across our State - is working as we speak to try to get the Senate & House to bridge the $105 million gap in funding for TAs. Because of the ability of districts to move $$$ from their "TA budget" to their "Teachers budget", this is a particularly confusing issue but I do believe the Gov now realizes a budget correction is necessary to fulfill his promise of no cuts in TAs. The other issue still being discussed is the change in "Average Daily Membership" or ADM funding, which previous was based upon projected student enrollment , but now will be based upon the prior years enrollment. I do not believe that will be a huge issue for our local districts, but some rapidly growing communities around our State may find that problematic. Again, I do think we will shortly see "the rest of this story"! Bill Hiemer

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