CDC nets $1M grant for trades program

By William F. West

The Daily Advance

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River City Community Development Corp. has been awarded a $1.1 million federal grant to help continue the agency’s YouthBuild construction trades program for the next three years.

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I don't want to get into a battle of wits with you knowing you come half prepared. I am simply saying that anything dealing with blacks. You have a very negative attitude and opinion. ECSU being the most prominent, also repeated shots at River City, making crude and sarcastic remarks about the black celebrations of the announcement of end of slavery in Texas in June. It takes me a lot to call a person a RACIST. But if it looks like a Duck and quacks like a Duck, what do you do??? By the way I am a product of the Elizabeth City/Pasquotank school systems!!!! Maybe that explains things.

Ha, Ha, Ha, fejohn

There is NO doubt that you are a product of ECPPS and a by-product of LBJ's Great Society. As for the battle of wits,.......well,.......uh,........Hmm,........You just go on dreaming in that big old fantasy world of yours.


It is amazing anything to help the youth of this area you are against more so when some are Blacks. That is what you do all day NOTHING! You are a White male so what is your problem to lazy to stick your hand out!!!!!


As best I can decipher from your limited language, grammar, and punctuation skills, you have interpreted my comment as not in favor of, or supporting, the helping of disadvantaged youths. Quite the contrary! Please reread, or have someone read to you, my comment again. I plainly stated that the money would be better spent enrolling the youth in an accredited trade curriculum at an accredited learning institute with a PROVEN track record for teaching usable trade skills that can be applied in the present day job market. With the new house construction market in a nosedive for the past 6 years, the skills of swinging a hammer and sawing boards is NOT a particularly lucrative career to aspire to right now. That aside, it would be of great interest to see just how many youth that have participated in the CDC programs have gone on and are REALLY productively and gainfully employed as a result of this program. By that, I mean TRUTHFULLY, not the fantasized, smoke and mirrors, made up figures that have been so cleverly purported and submitted in the past. But that would be a lot to ask, seeing as how the truth doesn't get grant money. Who knows? There may well be a new Mercedes in the very near future after all!

Hmmmm, let's do the math

$1.1 million dollar grant to benefit how many? Quote (directly from article): "River City CDC plans to use the federal grant serving 62 youths, Jarvis-Mackey said". Divide $1.1 mil by 62 and that comes to about $17,742 per youth. You could enroll them in the COA 2 year trade school course cheaper than that! With money left over, no less! At least, if they applied themselves, they would have a bona-fide trade and be certified for something more than hanging out in front of CDC all day. How convenient it is that Hagen coughed up this grant money so close to election time. With her reelection campaign in serious trouble, it's fairly obvious whose vote she's going after.

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