Letter: Uninformed electorate is 'Risky Business’

By Ann Bechiom

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I enjoyed watching “Washington Journal” on C-SPAN recently, as the question asked on the open phone line was: “Should Joe Biden run for president?”

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How about the couple in NYC

that was uninformed enough to believe that President Roosevelt had recently died when pranked by one of Jimmy Kimmel's late night producers on the street. This wasn't a young couple either, but I'll bet they weren't conservatives.

None of this matters because

None of this matters because Biden doesn't have a snowball's chance against Hillary.

Bless her heart

Ms. Bechiom tries so hard, the dear, but pointing out one 'uninformed' voter on C-SPAN doesn't negate all the uninformed voters who went to the polls in 2008 and 2012.

LOL avnrulz!

Your comment is the best chuckle I've had all day! Using the "Bless her heart" redneck statement, you eloquently, and with finesse, fully encapsulated just how wacky Ann is. The only one that can top her is Ole' Joe himself.

There is a huge difference between

a slip of the tongue and a slip of the mind. If you support Biden in anything it's not your tongue that has a problem. Anyone care to guess how much Biden and his wife gave to charity last year - or the years prior? How does an average of $369.00 a year sound? Here is a "man" whose mortgage is paid for. His travel is paid for. His security is paid for. His utilities are paid for... and that's all he can give? Pathetic example of leadership - VOID... I won't even get into all of his gaffes and groping of female reporters...

I know Joe

As far back as the 1970's I've followed Joe Biden and his doings in Delaware and he has only gotten worst. He was a nothing in an empty suit then and has gone downhill since. Look it up. Now he is running with a like kind of criminals on a national and international level.

Isn't it the epitome of irony

that Ms Bechiom calls George Bush and idiot (simply because he is a conservative) but lets Joe Biden completely off the hook (simply because he's a liberal). Wonder what she thinks about Allen West, Tim Scott, and Clarence Thomas?

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