Letter: No justice in jury verdict in Fla. shooting

By Ann Bechiom

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No one should die in America for playing loud music in your own vehicle because it is no one’s business how loud you play your music.

Dear Reader,
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Don't forget the shotgun

According to his testimony, a shotgun was pointed at the defendant, it wasn't simply the loud music. Now, while no shotgun was found, if the vehicle left the scene, it is possible it was 'tossed'; we may never know. However, due to the Zimmerman verdict, no 'Not guilty' verdict was going to be returned in this case. BTW, if Ann's statement were true ("No one should die in America for playing loud music in your own vehicle because it is no one’s business how loud you play your music"), a certain B&B owner wouldn't be fined for arranging to have bands playing on her grounds.

Oh, and Ann is also wrong in

Oh, and Ann is also wrong in this respect. Most municipalities have a noise ordinance (Elizabeth City has one) - So, playing loud music, loud enough to bother others could be a violation of the ordinance. So, it is the business of others.


Completely agree with Twinstar, but suggest we follow casual observer's advice! Bill Hiemer

If it were possible

to display Ms Bechiom as the national poster child for liberalism in the U.S. I suppose the conservatives would easily take the House and Senate in 2014 and the White House in 2016.

Ann, Ann, Ann, Ann,

It's such a wonderfully small & cozy little world you live in, isn't it? All of the beautiful brightly colored butterflies fluttering about and little songbirds chirping their happy songs! Please tell us specifically, what drugs are you taking and which doctor prescribes them for you. Others are in great need of the happiness you are experiencing.

Maybe if we all just ignored

Maybe if we all just ignored her, she would just go away.

nol likely

I think she gets a kick out of stirring the pot. I hear her favorite TV personality is Bill Maher.

We can only hope!

Unfortunately she and this paper are in lock step...

why not just mention the

why not just mention the young male being shot by another angry male? Is it necessary to inject race? The murder charge will be retried.

Our problem now

I think I hear Ireland praisin' Jesus Ann is our problem now. ;)

Die in prison?

First, Dunn could be sentenced to 60 years, he is 47 now. Sounds like he could be in for life. Second, the jury didn't acquit, they were hung. The DA has said the case will be retried. But don't let the facts get in the way of a good rant. :)

Hung on one count

The jury was only hung on one count.

To correct Ms Bechiom

While people in this country are rarely executed for loud music, there are often city ordinances against it such as there is in Elizabeth City, hence in effect loud music becomes the business of all taxpaying residents of the city, which includes Ms. Bechiom if she lives within the city limits.

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