Letter: Columnist AWOL on airpark issue

By Calvin Lacy

The Daily Advance

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Those of us who have read Bud Wright’s column over the years will grudgingly admit that he’s right now and again — like his recent comparison between Costco and Walmart. I’ll go as far as to say he nailed the difference between the two companies in his March 16 column in which he highlighted Costco’s generous pay grades as compared to Walmart’s treatment of its employees.

But how and why did he manage to work former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin into the conversation is beyond my comprehension. His obsession with her borders on lunacy. If only Bud could be exorcised of the Palin delusion and turn his vigor and talents to constructive measures.

Like back in September 2007 he could have joined former Pasquotank Commissioner Marshall Stevenson and myself in defending Mrs. Valorie Hall against City Manager Rich Olson’s plans to use eminent domain to take her land. Maybe Elizabeth City could have avoided being on the hook today for $1.73 million in penalties that it must face for the airpark project.

City councilor regulars and wannabees and Rich Olson were in a lather to get her land any way they could. It was in those dark days for the Hall family that someone like Bud Wright could have done a lot of good, but there were only a handful of us who stood on principle and spoke out against the insidious practice of eminent domain.



I still miss

Bob Steinburg's columns.

I think Bud has been doing

I think Bud has been doing his column for what, two years? That explains his alleged silence back in 2007.

way to go

Next job, maybe Edenton????

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