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Allstaedt - Kirtley

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Allstaedt - Kirtley
Mrs. Donna Allstaedt of Brevard and Mr. and Mrs. Steven Allstaedt of Asheville announce the engagement of their daughter, Ingrid Kathleen Allstaedt of Asheville, to John Charles Kirtley, also of Asheville. John is the son of Mrs. Rebecca Kirtley and Mr. Charles Kirtley of Hendersonville.
Ingrid is a graduate of UNC Asheville with a degree in Mass Communications. John is a graduate of East Carolina University, with a Communication degree in Media Production. Both are employed at WLOS News 13 ABC Television; Ingrid as an award winning reporter and anchor and John as an award winning photojournalist.
The wedding is planned for Oct. 4 in Asheville.

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Her engagement right looks

Her engagement right looks really nice, he picked a good one! Other men have difficulties in making a good choice, luckily for them though they have plenty to choose from on, all they need is to find the right girl.

Isn't it wonderful to see

Isn't it wonderful to see young people finding place in their hearts for love? I the rush of the today's world you would think nobody has time for that anymore. Taking a closer look at the picture it looks like Ingrid got one of those beautiful antique engagement rings. That's quite something. Congratulations and may you have a long happy marriage!

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