November 18, 2018

Typically when a developer says he wants to build a pollution-free industrial facility capable of bringing in potentially hundreds of thousands a year in extra property tax revenue, elected officials are slapping themselves silly over their community’s good fortune. 

Not so with Adani…

November 18, 2018

The advantages of large-scale and small-scale solar farms to Pasquotank County are substantial. This was clearly articulated by 20 or more concerned speakers at the Nov. 9 Planning Board meeting at which no county commissioners were present. To briefly summarize the advantages, solar farms:


November 18, 2018

I read the article about the restrictions to be imposed to help prevent the use of solar energy in Pasquotank County. I am sad to see the level of fear and ignorance shown by many people locally over using solar energy and how it is spilling into decisions by the Pasquotank County planning board…


November 17, 2018

Kathryn Lopez's column on adoption being curtailed through Catholic Charities is sad. But could it be the reason the Catholic Church has protected pedophile priests at the expense of children in their parishes?

Authorities have an obligation to protect the children under their care. Perhaps legally…

November 16, 2018

Much of Elizabeth City and Pasquotank County may be rendered effectively unusable in the future because of rising sea levels due to climate change, according to an analysis by the Union of Concerned Scientists. 

If the Atlantic Ocean rises 4 feet by 2100, Pasquotank County is projected to be…

November 15, 2018

Hunting is now engraved in the North Carolina Constitution as a right.

What has changed? Hunters still have to buy a privilege license. They still have to obey all the rules in the 90-page Regulations Digest put out by the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission and they still have to obey any local…

November 15, 2018

As we were out of town I hadn’t a chance to look at the Tuesday, Nov. 6 edition. I would like to ask one of your letter-writers a question regarding his letter which appeared that date.

To get to the point, I practiced law for 35 years in Virginia and never found out that “.....crossing…

November 15, 2018

I screen my calls because of the constant barrage of calls I get. There are calls from people selling something and there are the bogus calls where the caller hopes to trick me into handing over my personal information or milk me out of as much of my money as possible.

The latest calling game is…

November 14, 2018


November 14, 2018

I learned a lot about serving the public good when I was elected to a town council seat in Colorado.

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