Bud Wright ends column for Advance

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Bud Wright, a weekly editorial page column contributor to The Daily Advance for several years, informed us this week that his column-writing days are over.

Wright’s popular and skillfully-written columns are typically filled with lively anecdotes, humor and insightful political observations. They have been both highly revered and harshly criticized — emotionally charged reactions widely viewed as symptoms of effective writing. Wright, who is also a published author, has that rare ability to soothe readers agreeable with his point of view while agonizing to tears those who are not.

Our response to Wright’s announcement has been to appeal for his return. Thus far, however, his voice and pen (or computer) are silent. The door, nevertheless, remains open.

In the meantime, the search for a replacement for Bud Wright is ongoing.

The Editors


I think it has backfired!

I think it has backfired now.


It's kind of funny in a bad way. But TDA brought it on itself. TDA simply does not understand ethics.

Who's Bud Wright?

I vaguely remember some leftist nut case writing a one-sided liberal column. Yes! Now I remember! That's the column that I stopped reading a good while back. Thought he disappeared long ago. Oh well, Good riddance! It shouldn't be hard to fill the space. Perhaps bringing back reprints of the Lil' Abner comic strip would be in order to better fill the spot?

Bud's Replacement

Shouldn't be too hard to find a new columnist. Hire one of those leftist loons that write letters every week.

Bud Wright's Columns Will Be Missed!

I enjoyed reading Bud Wright's columns. He is a gifted and prolific writer. He ranks with Edgar Allan Poe, Mark Twain, and Emily Dickinson.

What a shame

But given the anonymous comments, I can't blame him. It is a loss to the community -- a loss driven by hatred hiding behind anonymous ids. Too bad they aren't proud enough of their opinions to come out of the shadows.


I hope Mr. Bud Wright will reconsider his decision & renew writing his column for TDA. I often did not agree with his opinions. But I always admired his writing skills. He always made me think. I will miss his well written, sometimes polarizing pieces, and urge TDA to continue to pursue Mr. Wright. Diverse opinions are a good thing for any newspaper. No one is forced to read every article is any news/opinion publication. We can all make our own decisions - if we have a choice. Bottom line, TDA is better- for more readers - with Bud Wright. Bill Hiemer


Hahahahahaha Fox News & Fair and Balanced Hahahahahahahahahahaha. wait a minute. You are talking about the Fox news that went to court to have itself declared to NOT be a News site so it wouldn't have to be fair, balanced or truthful. bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. just a minute while I get my laughter under control, nope can't control it hahahahahahaha! And oh yeah, kz most writers do use words to impress readers. Would be hard to write using picture.

To be fair,

I will admit it has been a long time since I read one of his columns. It is possible he has toned down his style.

Most writers do not write as I remember his writings to be. What I left his columns with was that he wanted his large and lofty vocabulary and understanding of grammar to over power the article. I am happy for him that he has that much knowledge but I don't want to read it in opinion columns over and over.

I am so pleased you do not choose

to respond to Melanie's baiting. You have clearly recognized it is not worth the time. Good for you.

I wasn't

I wasn't the one who brought up Bud's vocabulary and correct grammar. Keep hiding behind a pseudonym. Sooner or later, it will backfire.

Why are you

Why are you opposed to reading correct grammar and a decent vocabulary? Isn't that what we wish for our children? Oh, wait, you approve of the cuts to schools. Sorry, I forgot.

Popular for some

Unread by others.

The silence truly is golden.

Pick someone who is not writing to impress readers with words but concentrates on delivering a point of view.


Now lets find someone to give both sides of the story. Borrow a phase from Fox News, FAIR AND BALANCE.

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