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A staff-written editorial published in our Sunday, July 20, edition contained several factual errors that need correcting.

The editorial stated that the results of a Currituck sheriff’s investigation of the management of the Currituck Animal Shelter by its former operator, the Animal Lovers Assistance League, had not yet been released. In fact, Animal Lovers President Ginger Sikes received a letter from Currituck Sheriff Susan Johnson on May 20, clearing the then shelter operator of any criminal wrongdoing.

The letter, however, was not sent to Currituck officials, who said they were still waiting for a report stating Johnson’s conclusion.

The editorial also stated that Dillon Hostutler, a Pasquotank County man who had gone to the animal shelter in search of his dog after reporting it stolen, had advised the then-shelter manager he would return the next day to retrieve his animal. Sikes said Hostutler did not tell the shelter manager he would return the next day.

The editorial also incorrectly stated that the shelter’s new operators, the Currituck SPCA, had been awarded a two-year management contract. Currituck SPCA’s shelter contract with Currituck County is for only one year.