Forcing the gay agenda on gullible

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Judging from the spume of insults streaming recently from the Pelagianist, Chris Fitzsimon, it would seem that he’s covering for Bud Wright, who is apparently in the witness protection program while surrogates carry on his nasty tirades.

We haven’t heard a lot from Bud lately but it doesn’t mean that this prolific profligate’s fan base will suffer in his absence. Not in the least. No sooner is Wright in hiding than The Daily Advance sends in Bud’s gay-advocate relief man, “Chris Fritz,” to ramp up the rhetoric.

To a lesser extent the sometimes good guy Scott Mooneyham gets in the mix, but that’s because he has issues with defining himself now and again. But Fitzsimon has no such angst as he goes about insulting the sensibilities of his readers. Going back to late August, The Daily Advance along with Fitzsimon and the rest of its minions, has kept up a steady stream of hate speech against any and all who oppose their views. I can’t remember when I’ve seen such a full-bore frontal assault on Christian principles.

The Daily Advance’s editorial writers take the position that the Republican-controlled state Legislature is “discriminatory, divisive and harmful to business” because of recently passed legislation banning homosexual marriages.

Am I getting this thing right? Is this newspaper saying that decent and God-fearing North Carolinians must accept the homosexual agenda in order to keep business going? Is business that important? What else are we expected to accept in order to maintain the economy?

Upon reflection, these diatribes don’t have a thing to do with business or the economy. It’s more about indoctrinating and forcing the homosexual agenda on gullible people.

Kudos to Larry Cooper and David Robertson for their courageous stands on conservative principles. If only more people had their backbone.



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Most North Carolinians

Most North Carolinians (whites and blacks) are not only opposed to same-sex marriage, they don't approve of the homosexual lifestyle period.

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