It takes a bigot

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Most people who pride themselves on their willingness to “question everything” seem to be more interested in making definitive statements than they are in asking questions. For example, Chris Fitzsimon expressed in a recent column his absolute certainty that North Carolina state legislators who oppose same-sex marriage are odious bigots. The apparent ease with which Fitzsimon attributes despicable motives and qualities to those aren’t like himself leads me to “ask the question:” Chris Fitzsimon is unquestionably a bigot.


Elizabeth City



The simple word does not nearly describe this fellow! He's a red-faced, bug-eyed screaming bigot, who proclaims that anyone who supports the sanctity of a one-man to one-woman marriage is a bigot. So the effort by the General Assembly to allow the voters of North Carolina to establish this in the State Constitution will, in his opinion, will be a shock to them when it is rejected by the voters. I don't know where this jerk is from but he does not know the core values of the citizens of the State of North Carolina!

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