Letter: Abortion kills more children than Holocaust

By Herscal Williams Sr.

The Daily Advance

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I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed seeing all the pictures of those newborn babies in your newspaper.

Dear Reader,
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It just so happens that

abortion and infanticide was quite common in the Roman empire during the time of Christ. Not only was abortion rampant but infants were also left on the street to either die or become the property of slave owners and sex traders. Those who were fortunate enough to be rescued by the newest organized sect called Christians were raised, educated, and nurtured with love. This action was noted by historians of the day. Ironically the Roman empire did not survive but Christianity did. There is always a price to pay for crimes against humanity, even if we don't choose to acknowledge them as such. People were created in the image of God and there is a heavenly court that overrules all earthly ones even if we choose to ignore the fact. A wise man once said,"If you're living like there ain't no God, you'd better be right"

I was really planning ...

to stay out of this one, but, Twinstar, I have to ask.

What is your reference for the frequency of abortion and infanticide...in the Roman empire during the time of Christ? What is your reference that says abortion and/or infanticide was a crime in those times. You infer that these "crimes" caused the fall of the Roman Empire. I thought the "barbarians" played some role in this. I find it very hard to believe that the small percentage of abortions and infanticide relative to total population of the Empire had much to do with it. The numbers would have to crush populaton growth for this to happen. And, if it was illegal, why did the number of abortions rise to the level of destroying the empire. This contradicts the right's viewpoint that making abortion illegal reduces abortions. Will outlawing abortion end the American Empire too?

Acknowledging the fact of abortion and infanticide in ancient times does not imply the fact of survival of Christianity beyond Roman times. Irony does not equal causation. Apples to oranges.

I do understand that you approach this from the standpoint of the wages of sin, rather than science. However, I'm not willing to accept your imparted wisdom on these points. I am Thomas. Show me.

So, please provide your references so that I can understand this too.

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12

Judge Not

I do not want to judge in any way, those who chose or choose to have an abortion. People who get/have abortions are the best judges of the rightness or wrongness of their decision. What the aborted individuals may have been is too speculative for me to determine based on what I see among the living. Do we still have genocide happening anywhere today or in recent history?

We don't determine right and wrong

I am glad that the determination of right and wrong is not left up to us. Can you imagine the absolute chaos that would ensue if your proposition were true? This is the consequence of moral relativism. What is right and wrong can only be determined by the One who is Himself the standard, the one true living God as revealed in His Word. Abortion is murder and those who participate, whether passive or active, are murderers...period. www.babiesaremurderedhere.com

Thank you Adam...

Perfectly stated...

Yes, DoMo, except...

for everything that Mr. Gray just said.

God may judge, but we decide.

He gave us that gift.

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12

Genocide is occurring today

Genocide is occurring today in some African countries. It's allegedly happening in Syria. To some, abortion is infanticide. There are those that would allow killing a baby after it is born. http://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2013/07/26/people-sign-petition-to-abort-babies-after-birth-n1649777

the correct number of

the correct number of abortions since Roe v Wade is 57 million, not 14 million. I can't speak for Mr. Williams on his definition of conception, but my belief is conception occurs at the time the egg is fertilized. Any method of birth control pre-conception is ok with me.


By defining conception as fertilization, you've just ruled out the most effective methods of contraception. And just as an aside, do you really believe there weren't a significant number of abortions before Roe v. Wade. Outlawing abortion won't stop it; it will just drive it underground.

I agree there were a

I agree there were a significant number of abortions before Roe v. Wade - most illegal.


most illegal and very dangerous to women. So that is what you would like to see again? Wealthy women being able to obtain a safe abortion and the less wealthy relegated to back allies.

If they were illegal, there

If they were illegal, there would be far fewer of them (I don't know what I base this on other than the fact that if they were illegal - an abortionist would probably be more difficult to find). If there were fewer that would be better. If they were illegal, perhaps there would be fewer unwanted pregnancies because, knowing the difficult prospect of obtaining an abortion contraception would be more responsibly employed. I would wish a back alley abortion on no one, ever.

I'm sorry but

you can't have it both ways in this debate - the left will automatically label you a woman hater for being a baby lover.... see how that works? You must kill one vs. risking an unhealthy procedure for another. We can't discuss the side effects of baby klling either... Make sense? You can't be rational with the irrational. If they can't call killing what it is - killing... then the debate can go no further... Thats why they cloud the argument with rediculous questions like when is a life a life... and they soften language with terms like abortion - synonymous with killing... The best you can hope for is to agree to disagree... If you were to share your belief on most university campus' today - you'd be shunned, ridiculed, cursed, spat upon... and then called hateful for not agreeing with their “secular world view”... So much for unity through diversity… where we get the term university.


this is what a thinking person calls "choice." Women will choose to have, or not to have an abortion whether the procedure is safe and legal or it might kill them. We already know that making it illegal drives it underground and kills and maimes women. This is not even debatable. It's already happened here. The true BEST that we can hope for is to support the woman's right to choose. You can't stop it anyway, so at least save lives. I know how much you hate THIS truth, but it's truth nonetheless.

You and your ILK should like abortion. Fewer babies for poor women, means fewer "takers" for repugnicans to revile. A very high proportion of those 57 million abortions could now be 57 million unemployed, or committing violent crime, or in jail, statistically speaking. You should also like abortion because most of those 57 million would be voting age Democrats today. These are also truths, very uncomfortable, but truths. Now how do you feel about abortion? Check your cynic meter with Reince and Pete and get back to me.

The good news is that those 57 million women survived the procedure to be able to make different choices in their futures.

All of your characterizations of the left on this issue are what women are suffering from the right.

On this topic, like Katniss Everdeen, the American woman is preparing to fight. You won't like her when she's mad.

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12


conception. Do you support easy access to contraception? And to which methods?

Easy answer

Easy answer....no. Chemical contraception always has an abortifacent element and is detrimental to the health of the woman. Psalm 127 tells us that children are a blessing. If God were to bless someone with 1 million dollars, I doubt that most would refuse. Yet when God blesses someone with a child we don't blink an eye at asserting the notion of preventing pregnancy or even eliminating the life of the child. The attitude towards having children has drastically changed in the western world since the turn of the 20th century. Check out http://thebirthcontrolmovie.com/ for a historical and biblical treatment of the issue.

I see

So you not only oppose abortion, but you oppose the very thing that could reduce abortions. What about if I don't share your religious beliefs?

Doesn't matter

The only thing that can and will reduce abortion is making it illegal. It doesn't matter if you share my religious beliefs or not. Truth is independent of belief. Your refusal to acknowledge truth does not validate or invalidate it. Abortion should be illegal for the same reason murdering a newborn baby is illegal. Size, maturity, survivability, and location should never be a factor. www.babiesaremurderedhere.com

Mr. Gray, the problem with your...

personal viewpoint is that it completely dismisses and disrespects the American woman's viewpoint and her right to have one. You support passing laws that further your religious, moral, and personal opinion, to purposely deny the American woman the same right to their own religious, moral, and personal opinion. Your support for these laws denies women the ability to control their own bodies, while exerting your own control over them.

You are a man, apparently, telling women what's good and right for them. This is the very definition of sexist and chauvanist behavior. Or Narcissistic Personality Disorder, based on the gigantic lack of empathy demonstrated in your last answer to Melanie. To develop some empathy I suggest that you google any of the back alley abortion web links so that you gain an understanding of the other choice that you are really giving to women. This makes YOU the murderer.

May I suggest that you allow your fellow citizens their equal place in the public square? Choice is equality. Not choice, in your case, is Christian fascism.

I look forward to your reply. I'll let my daughter answer you. I'm pretty sure I'll have to clean it up for publication, though. Good thing my wife is out of town or she'd just come over and give you a dope slap.

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12

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