Letter: America is about to go to war again in Iraq

By Calvin Lacy

The Daily Advance

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Not since World War II and the days of Franklin Roosevelt has an American president declared war without the consent of the United Nations — that is until Barack Obama. According to Obama all he needs is his pen and nothing more — not even the consent of Congress, and he can go after anybody he wants, and he wants to take America back into Iraq for a third time.

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Completely Agree! Except...

for the more than 100 20th Century American military actions that also happened without a formal declaration. Don't make this about Obama. This is how America has acted since our founding.

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12

Exactly right Bob,

the only difference is BHO is supposedly running this show. Carry on.

Well, not exactly; what about

Well, not exactly; what about the War Powers Act? Why is our elected Congress not following that?

Good Letter Mr Lacy

I agree. While I support the protection of Americans in Iraq --The political situation there has been stewing for ages. Yes, Preachers and many must wake up and see the "signs of the times" ----"as in the days of Noah.

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