Letter: America no longer deserving of Statue of Liberty

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America no longer deserving of Statue of Liberty

America was the country that mirrored the caption written on the Statue of Liberty: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free.” The statue was given to America in 1886 by France in recognition of America’s welcoming of immigrants to its shores.

Dear Reader,
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America no longer deserving of Statue of Liberty

Dear Ms, Mitchell, Lets deal with reality and the facts. America is not the same country it was 150 years ago. No Country in this world is the same as it once was. The immigrants who came in the middle 1800's and early 1900's came by boats, across the oceans. A few from our Northern and Southern borders. The vast majority were screened for diseases, health issues, lice and other vermin. They were documented. The vast majority came here legally. A few did not. Bigotry has always prevailed in the world. Its nothing invented by US. Even you are bigoted against a group of people who disagree with you by calling the Tea Party, gun toting klansmen. Immigration helped make this Country a Great Nation. Immigrants who came before the 60's did not have welfare, free housing, free health care, free college educations. They worked, they learned our language, and accepted our laws. Any help they received, came from Family, Churches and private organizations. Not The Government. For the last 50 years Our Government has failed to protect our borders or US. 9/11 should have been our Wake Up Call. Both Parties are failing to protect our Country. No enforcing our laws and No accountability. We are near 18 Trillion in debt. We cannot afford to provide welfare for these thousands of illegal children, their parents and relatives. We can't provide all those services to our own children who are legally here. Remembering those reddish brown people in the 1600's who welcomed the Pilgrims ashore as the Mass. Colony. Yeah, guess you forgot the Virginia colony at Jamestown or before that, the Lost Colony. Yes the eyes of the world are on America. We give more foreign aid to countries around the globe. We are the first to be called when there is a National Disaster. We Americans are the most giving to charities and humanitarian organizations throughout the world. I'm PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN. GOD BLESS THE USA

"Now we have children who are

"Now we have children who are entering America to escape human trafficking and murder from three countries with the highest murder rates in the world. They are not immigrants. They are refugees and should be treated as such. But they are not welcomed. Instead, they are met by busloads of tea party Klansmen carrying guns and rifles and brandishing sheer hate-filled rhetoric — people whose own origins are from different countries." 84 percent of the "children" apprehended this year are teenagers. Because they are other than Mexican (or Canadian), they will have an opportunity to ask a judge to be allowed to stay in this country (assuming they show up in court - most don't they fade into the underground). You claim they are met by busloads of tea party Klansmen carrying guns and rifles ---- I've not seen this reported anywhere. Please elaborate.

Please Look Around You!

Ms. Mitchell, is there some reason you have not noticed the criminal streets gangs, gun violence, armed robberies, prostitution and murders right here in the USA? Yes, these immigrant children come from violent countries, but don't think for a moment that they'll escape violence by coming here. They'll be forcefully "recruited" into the various Hispanic street gangs, like MS13, the Mexican Mafia, and many others. When that happens, the young men will be selling drugs, and the young women trafficked. In the meantime, the Government will pay for all their needs while many American children will remain homeless, hungry and abused. Let's give some thought to taking care of our own children, and not give priority status to illegal immigrants. The USA needs to apply sufficient pressure to the foreign governments so that their children are not required to flee by the thousands.

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