Letter: Cost of being uninsured why Obamacare needed

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There are various opinions on the Affordable Care Act and its poor implementation, its changing dates for implementation, how it will work and whether it should be repealed. But few people ever discuss why it was needed.

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The fix is basic supply side economics; more supply to provide for more demand. More doctors, nurses,hospitals and medicines should be available. Who and why is limiting the number of doctors admitted to med schools? Why are hospitals closing? Government interference is a hindrance. Government should get out of the way. Remember the basics, large demand with low supply equals higher prices. Larger supply than demand equals lower prices.

Twinstar is right...

Everyone knows the system needed help... but it didn't need a take over. That's how the left rolls. They hype it up as you've done with your ridiculous figures ($800 billion a year is either spent wastefully, inefficiently or redundantly) and swoop in with a government program as the fix. A word of advice... You won't get very far with your argument by insinuating that our government isn't wasteful, inefficient and with no overlaps in services. Imagine what could be accomplished with the money our government wastes every year. Imagine what could be done with the interest we pay on our debt every year. Imagine a small government that was accountable to its citizens – as it was designed to be. Please don't insult us by saying more government is the solution to anything. That’s like saying the NSA is the answer to individual privacy… or that the TSA strip searching a 90 year old woman in a wheel chair because she can't go through the scanners is actually keeping us "safe". Put down the kool-aid...

None of us doubts health care reform was needed.

It's becoming painfully obvious that the ACA wasn't the way to accomplish it. In the long run you will find that it would have been cheaper for the government to write out a check to each uninsured rather than to employ the crazy and expensive methods found in the ACA. Oh, and one more thing, there will be NO government bailouts for the insurance companies.

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