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Letter: Candidate Clinton wants to share your wealth

By John Woodard

The Daily Advance

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We will be evaluating the candidates for president over the next three years. During that time, many things will be written, good and bad, that will lead us to the decision that we make individually.

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Steinburg's brain trust

Mr. Woodard, get a life. You and your sidekick Steinburg are so predictable. Go back to Virginia. I will never forget when you were running against Bill Owens for the NC House of Representatives and you continually referred to the House of Representatives as the House of Delegates. I'm just glad you and Steinburg moved here to help us ignorant North Carolinians understand the evils of Marxists like Hilary Clinton. Thanks for your regular nonsensical letters to the editor. I just don't know how we hicks got along before you blessed us with your presence and words of wisdom. By the way, where are you getting your talking points, Jim Dement or the Tea Bagger Express?

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