Letter: Cannot force biz to fund worker abortions

By Robert Muir

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One of your readers may be misinformed. She states “Steeped in their own unyielding rhetoric tea party Republicans don’t know how to care about the health, wealth, safety, or the well-being of the American citizens they are sworn to protect — here in North Carolina or in Washington D.C.” Maybe I am misinformed but I thought that our U.S. congressional representatives, senators and the president of the United States were sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.

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Under the terms of the ACA, NO business is forced to cover abortions.

Under the terms of the ACA we

Under the terms of the ACA we are all forced to do a lot of things against our will, not the least of which is pay higher premiums and higher deductables. The shocking part of this is that we have more uninsured individuals now than when there was no ACA, with the promise of millions more, and the (government) liberals continue to flat out lie about it.

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