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Letter: Columnists provide needed public service

By Martha Johnson

The Daily Advance

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I am saddened by the attacks on two local editorial columnists, Holly Koerber-Audette and Bud Wright, which evidently led to Wright’s decision not to continue his column. I want to comment on those nasty, scathing letters.

Dear Reader,
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Ms. Johnson - Thank-you for writing perhaps the finest letter to the editor I have ever read in TDA! With respect, Bill Hiemer

Thank you, Ms. Johnson.

I appreciate your opinion and that you shared it. My wife, who is one of the columnists, deals with ugly, personal, sometimes vicious attacks and accusations almost daily because she puts her views out there. There is a particular circle of people who constantly falsley claim she is doing or saying things that she is not. They of course are the same people who are so offended when chalenged and claim they are personally attacked. But, the good news is that these are the minority and well known because they are the same people who you see all over social media accusing people of personally attacking them while they write horrible broad statements about people. Ugly personal, name-calling and mean remarks poking fun at what people look like physically, etc. For example, claiming that pro-life people do not care about feeding and housing children. That isn't false, insulting and personally hurtful to pro-life people? Then saying people look like animals or they are stupid or they are sexual organs with a mustache, or irresponsibly stating they are law breakers, etc., etc. The entire circle all laughs at these comments about others and chime in but are just so offended by others who disagree with them. Then they "threaten" to "out" people by name after trashing them. All the while claiming how Christian or eduacted and above it all they are. But they think they can insult people like this but it is "attacking" them to challenge them. It has really been a rude awakening for me who never got much in to politics. The hypocracy is unbelievable. It is ok for people to lie and get personal but when caught, they huff and puff about how unfair everone is to them. It is very, very sad that supposedly responsible adults choose to act this way and then pretend they are above it all just because they do not agree with someon's views. What makes me most proud is that people like you are willing to call people out about this kind of behavior and that my wife believes their is more value in sharing ideas and participating than being discouraged by these kind of people. Everytime I get really upset and want her to give up, she reminds me it isn't about her and that we should all give back how we can. She just keeps writing. No whining, no tantrums, no consperacy theory claims, no claim she is so important that the world is out to get her. Thank you for encouraging her and other writers. I can promise you, it isn't easy to agree to do it. I am truly grateful people like you appreciate that. Michael Audette

you are correct

You are correct "Farness"! If you want to see proof of all your examples just go read the comments on Bud Wright's column for this week. And yes, thank you Ms. Johnson.

Good advice

Your letter is a breath of fresh air. Thank you. Tina Lunt

Well Said

Well said, Ms. Johnson.

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