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Letter: Compassion a mystery but not unsolvable one

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Compassion a mystery but not unsolvable one

In the course of my lifetime I have kept many pet animals: dogs, cats, wild birds and briefly, some other species. Glorious little creatures, one and all.

My experience tells me that they are manifestly more spontaneously of a lovable nature than human beings can ever hope to be.

There are of course some exceptions to the rule as in those cases where these innocents have been thoughtlessly mistreated by ignorant people. (Ignorant people do that to their own kind, too.)

Compassion has a purpose not easily understood. It is an influence of mind inherent in nature. It comes from the essence of creation itself. Its functional identity may ever remain an eternal mystery. But you can find it for yourself, if you look for it.

BILL GRIGGSFlbElizabeth City