Letter: Competition needed in education system

By John Sams

The Daily Advance

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Regarding vouchers for low income students to attend non-public schools, the primary argument the public school bureaucracy uses against vouchers is economic — schools will lose tax money.

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need some answers

Ok. Maybe someone can answer some questions. Can I get a voucher and the money for my 3 kids if I set up my own private school? If I can, do I have to prove that they learned anything? If I can't do that, then where can I get a list of schools that I can get a voucher for. How do I know they are good schools if they aren't evaluated the same way (state tests) as public schools and don't have to deal with all kinds of students like the public schools? Can the private school refuse my son for disciplinary reasons? Will I have any recourse against the private school if after accepting numerous underachieving public school students their ratings start to go down? Really hope I am allowed to draw that money by setting up my own private school!!

1. are you a low-income

1. are you a low-income family? 2. Here's where you look for the answers to your questions. http://www.ncdnpe.org/

There are some really bad

There are some really bad public schools out there. Without vouchers, poor children whose parents don't have the where-with-all to relocate to a better performing school district are doomed. Vouchers give these parents and their children a chance at success.

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