Letter: Conservatives shine light in election year

By Ray Clarke Sr.

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As we say goodbye to the year 2013, we face 2014 with many challenges and choices. Among the chief of these are those that will determine which direction this country will go.

Dear Reader,
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Douptful Force 10

Because Nags Head was not named after an elephants deception. Respectfullty submitted Ray Clarke Sr

Mr. Clarke, I was...

reaching for irony;)))) I like you're comeback. Well met, Sir! I was a bit worried that someone would logically come back with something about a donkey, but that hasn't happened yet. Anyone? You've given us all a very literary opportunity here. It's good that the Tea Party is raising a ruckus. Helps us all to sort the crazy from the reasonable. Respectfully Submitted, Force 12

Thank you Force 12

granted, there are many stories of how Nags Head got its name---for me the one about the donkey and the land pirates is the most intriguing.

accidental repeat

accidental repeat.

But, Mr. Clarke, what if...

that light is swinging from an Elephant's neck at Nag's Head? Respectfully Submitted, Force 12

Come clean

Hey Force 10 give us 3 good things that the last 20 years of democratic party leadership have done for the citizens of NENC? All we have gotten is higher taxes, more handouts to the apple polishers who helped them get re-elected and more and more interference in our daily lives. The Repubicans have been in power what....one year? Even we can't fix over 20 years of mismanagement in just one year but we are making progress. Our economic outlook for the state is better than ever and many companies are moving here rather than stay in a repressive backwards thinking democratic state. All this in spite of the well co-ordinated Democratic plan of obstruction being waged in the state by the Democrats and the liberal news media. Maybe you need to climb on the elephant's back and enjoy the ride. In spite of your pessimism things ARE getting better for all of us. Pete Gilbert never silent

well put Moses

and good points.

Mr. Clarke, when

Mr. Gilbert apologizes to our fellow writer, Melanie, I'll also address his points, as you have politely done here. He will have my full and undivided attention. Please urge him to do the right thing. Otherwise he is the stereotypical republican that dems broadly villify. This is very sad for a leader of his party. Melanie isn't just a correspondent here. She is an actual woman, worthy of respect in equal measure with any man, and more than some. Respectfully Submitted, Force 12

Force 12

We are all human beings--Thus, we ALL are due resprct for same. I do not know about the Mr Gilberts situation so I cannot comment on it. However, what I can say is: I believe there is much more toxic viterol that is aimed at conservatives and the so called Christian right--just google Sarah Palin, Rush, or Pat Robertson and you will get a berrelful. Respectfully submitted Ray Clarke Sr

Well that's certainly...

one breathtaking fantasy you've got going for yourself there. But, I decline to answer until you issue your apology to Melanie. Many of us have been waiting for you to man-up and you still have no standing in these letters until you do this. Respectfully Submitted, Force 12

for what

Apologize for what? Stating my beliefs? I suggest you take a deep breath and hold it. Let it out when I apologize. You won't answer my question because you can't. You want me to apologize after the venom you spew constantly about conservatives? You don't get to decide who has standing. Whats the matter you are not used to a conservative standing up to you bullies? Pete Gilbert

Dear Mr. Gilbert,

I expected much better from a leader of our community. The apology that you owe is for your misplaced and unwarranted personal attack on Melanie during the letter exchanges following Mr. Stephans' thoughts on the vaginal probe. You chose this low path that had nothing to do with your personal beliefs or political affiliation. Melanie personally, and rightly called for an apology which you have ignored. Now I can quote you if you wish or I can simply refer you to your comments in the archive, but you cannot elude this duty. As for bullies, I decided to become involved in these letters because there were very few liberal voices here and those tended to be mocked and bible-whipped by the majority conservative participants. Your very personal and painful attack on Melanie is the very best example of why I am here. Your reply above is another. All politics aside, Mr. Gilbert, you have no standing in these letters until you've made your personal apology to Melanie. Here. Addressed to her personally, and not buried in your reply to me. Until you've done this, there is no other topic for you and I to discuss. I ask that other writers consider doing this as well when you address them. When you've made an honest apology to Melanie, I'll be happy to respond to your comments point by point. This is the level of civility that we expect from our political leaders and individuals that correspond here. This is a point of honor, sir. THIS is my glove. Respectfully Submitted, Force 12

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