Letter: Corporations need to find a soul, help poor

By Ann Bechiom

The Daily Advance

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The gang of five conservative justices on the Supreme Court decided recently that corporations have religious rights like individuals do. So with that settled I now hope they’ll find a soul and attend church every Sunday and contribute generously to help poor widows and orphans. And ask God daily to save them from every evil way.

Dear Reader,
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Ms. Bechiom, you are...

correct. Whether read tongue-in-cheek, or literally, and applied to the Court and/or the corporations.

We may now add Halliburton, Bechtel, Boeing, Exxon, Academi/Blackwater, DRS, MacDonalds, and Chic-Fil-A to our prayer lists at church for the salvation of their eternal souls. Oh, and five ostensibly Catholic men who chose to lead from the 1950s to the detriment of us all.

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12


Just because you agree with Ms. Bechiom, does not mean she is correct. And, I see you are still "Not Silent". Bill Hiemer


Ms. Bechiom - It is unclear from your letter whether your advice is for the "gang of five conservative justices", or for corporations. In either case, I disagree with your comment. I believe most corporate leaders & Supreme Court Justices are people of faith, who do pray to God & donate to causes important to them. Are their decisions always a perfect reflection of their faith - no. Are their donations always generous - no. Do they do everything in their power "to help poor widows & orphans" - no. I would suggest those answers may also apply to you and certainly to me. But to infer that all five conservative justices or all corporations (again, impossible to tell which group you target) are void of religion or charity is unreasonable. As for "find a soul" that is way above my pay grade! Bill Hiemer

I wonder who Ann

thinks gives to charities? It sure isn't the poor or middle class. here's an example Ann, http://www.forbes.com/fdc/welcome_mjx.shtml

Oh you mean poor widows like

Oh you mean poor widows like Sandra Fluke (actually a Harvard law graduate and sexually promiscuous divorcee) who is to be most pitied because she either can't afford her own contraceptives or is too lazy to go down to the free clinic at Planned Parenthood to pick them up. Now I agree that the church is the best agency to help out the poor. If Ann would like to send a contribution to one there are several on 17 North beyond Lover's Lane that are highly recommended. Why not donate to all 3 Ann? And your mockery of God is noted. Footnote: Liberals like Ann didn't consider Justice Roberts to be part of "the gang" when he ruled in favor of Obama care last year. Just shows their hypocrisy.

I agree Twinstar

and may I add that oners of corperations are---people! the last time I checked American People--as such have every right to stand for their rights under the constition of this country. I find it interesting that many of the same liberals that praised the courts decision on Obamacare are decring the court because this ruling in Hobby Lobbys favor a company that provides JOBS!!!

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