Letter: Dangerous junction needs green turn arrow

By Jay Urania

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I just wanted to say I was glad to read a letter writer’s article about the Tanglewood-Halstead junction. I agree and think it is a matter of time until a critical accident will occur. Twice, I personally have driven up minutes after an accident has happened at this location.

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People lose their minds

People seem to lose their minds at that intersection; I don't know why there are so many accidents, as it is controlled by the same set of lights we find throughout the city. I suppose people approaching that intersection are too busy either trying to get to Rte. 17 or Wal-Mart to really pay attention. I know I was nearly run off the road by another driver when they turned from Tanglewood onto Halstead Extended because they tried to turn from the inside lane to the outside lane, where I was busy taking up space.

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