Letter: Dems must get out and vote this election

By Beverly Mitchell

The Daily Advance

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The Republican party came into politics in 2010 with the philosophy of ALEC (the American Legislative Exchange Council), a corporate funded machine that preached that state governments can be used to consolidate conservative power. All Republican governors relied on money from national conservatives and corporate interests. They still do in 2014.

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Agree With avnrulz and fairnessin media

I agree with avnrulz and fairness but seriously please tell us which Republicans have said they will take away Social Security, the right to have a pay raise, the right to receive unemployment benefits and that they won't allow equal pay for women because I haven't heard any Republicans claiming that to be their goals.

Spraking of 'Equal Pay for Women'

The current Democrat administration doesn't pay women working in the WH the same as men, go figure.

No thanks

Democrats passed a bill without reading it, which has cost more people their insurance than can be claimed to have signed up for it. Our Democrat president swore to uphold and defend the Constitution, then decided he would pick and choose which laws were to be defended, and, despite being a Nobel peace prize winner, decided, without Congressional approval, to involve us in two more civil wars. The Democrats applauded when the Democrat President said he didn't need them, because he had a pen and a phone. Democrat officials have already been convicted of voter fraud which would make the recent vote in Crimea completely legal. BTW, our local Democrat representative touts his region as being the fourth poorest, without making any improvements. So, no, no thanks.

How interesting

that you would encourage Democrats to hurry up and vote before they are required to show ID!

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