Letter: Downsizing military shows enemies we're weak

By Ray Clarke Sr.

The Daily Advance

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I read with dismay the article about the U.S. Army downsizing. As a veteran of the greatest armed forces on earth (the U.S. Navy ) this especially irks me. It is never a good idea to weaken your national defenses. I wonder if it occurred to these bigwigs that the enemies of America also read the newspapers and watch our media?

Dear Reader,
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Does anyone really think...

that we need to spend $612,500,000,000.00 per year on defense?

This is almost five times the Russian budget.

Even our military leadership says they don't need it and don't want it.

Where is the "peace dividend" promised so long ago by REPUBLICAN president George H. W. Bush? Oh yeah, his followers left out the "peace" part. War equals profits, hence the republican penchant for war and providing for their one-percent club. Rich man's war; poor man's fight. When George 1 was faced with decommissioning 60,000 troops from Europe, he did the numbers and decided to send them to Kuwait/Iraq instead. And then his son...

Defense spending is really about corporate welfare. But, that's okay because corporations are people too, right? So, lets send the executives and boards of GM, AMEX, CHEVRON, Bechtel, Halliburton, and every Hedge Fund Manager to the front lines and make Senators and Representatives their Captains and Lieutenants. Send THEIR kids too. In fact, let's pass a law that REQUIRES the children and parents of the one-percent families to serve in the front lines in time of war. No exceptions. All others can volunteer. That should pretty much end American wars AND build that brige in Currituck.

Now THAT's a defense plan I can get behind.

Respectfully Sbumitted,

Force 12

Force 12

As a Tea Party supporter and one who has already written much on the subject of government over-spending( Titanic example) I can assure you that I am well aware of that problem, however, there is a big differance in spending for the maintanence on an Aircraft Carrier compaired to our tax money being spent for treadmills for shrimp. Respectfully submitted Ray Clarke Sr----not silent.

This is Obama's plan for dictatorshop

Has anyone noticed how, the Armed forces are being trimmed, a little here and little there, right under our noses. And all of this is being done under the guise of reducing government costs and budgets. All the while, a National Police Force, under the guise of anti-terrorism protection and called a "National Security Force", is steadily being funded, strengthened, and enlarged. This force is not regulated nor under the command of any of our current armed forces, but are commanded and under the command of Obama and his henchmen. Need anyone be reminded of this same type of national security force that was formed some 70 plus years ago by none other than Adolf Hitler? No so, you say? We have our National Guard, right? No, this isn't the same force! Unbeknownst to most, all of the heavy armor-tanks, armored vehicles, artillery, military grade weapons, (small arms, rifles and basic transportation vehicles excluded) have been removed from the many localized armories of our National Guardsmen, and placed in the care of our new and wonderful National Security Forces. Keep an eye on this and see for yourselves. The worst is yet to come!

Is this Ecity, or South Park?

Dude! How long ya been back from the Bundy Ranch? This is the kind of attack favored by republicans of the "Scabbers" Rove ILK. Or perhaps Joe Stalin - a lie told often enough, becomes the truth. Foul, indeed!

Tell the truth - didn't you already use this, verbatim, once before? Cut and paste, maybe?

This started in a 2008 speech given by then Senator Obama, and twisted into this rather extraordinary lie by Senator Paul Broun of Georgia.

President Obama "...was not talking about a “security force” with guns or police powers. He was talking specifically about expanding AmeriCorps and the Peace Corps and the USA Freedom Corps, which is the volunteer initiative launched by the Bush administration after the attacks of 9/11, and about increasing the number of trained Foreign Service officers who populate U.S. embassies overseas."

His point is that the security of the nation is as dependent on our unarmed community service providers as much as the military.


Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12


People need to google the word "brownshirts" and they will get a lot of info also! Thanks for commenting.


Uh, President Obama wants to expand the Peace Corps, sir.

No conspiracy anywhere but Georgia Rep. Paul Broun's fetid little republican brain.


Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12

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