Letter: Drinking the Dems’ Kool-Aid on Obamacare

By Ashby Browder

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I’m not one given to writing letters to the editor, although I have written two over the past 40 years. However, I do feel I need to respond to a letter writer’s comments that appeared in the Sunday, Dec. 8, edition.

Dear Reader,
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Short-term memory lapse

I do find it funny now that the Left has a Republican governor in Raleigh, that they are laying all the blame for our educational system at his feet. It seems to me they were in charge until recently, so they must have had a short-term memory lapse.

Let's Go For It........

"The opportunity given to them by God". A noble statement. It brings to mind an olde which goes this a way: "An old farmer bought a very much overgrown farm and homestead and worked his butt off for several years making it a showplace. A local preacher told his folks, "I'm going out to visit our farmer friend, Mr. Smith, and see the improvements to the place." That he did and upon seeing how great the place looked said to the farmer, "Mr. Smith, you and the Lord sure have done wonders around here." "Thanks, padre. But you should have seen this place when the Lord had it by himself."

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