Letter: Duke LifePoint’s HQ in Tennessee

By Earl Rountree

The Daily Advance

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I write this letter in response to a letter in your Sunday, Feb. 24 edition that in my opinion is not altogether accurate.

A letter-writer wrote, referring to the takeover of Albemarle Hospital, that he “being a Carolina boy, would have to pull for Duke,” referring to Duke LifePoint.

I would like to inform him and your readers that Duke LifePoint is headquartered in Brentwood, Tenn., which is a couple of miles south of Nashville, Tenn., which is close to 700 air miles from Elizabeth City, not 40 miles like Sentara hospitals are.

Tennessee has not been a part of North Carolina since 1790.

You can go to Duke LifePoint’s website and see this.





Read their proposal and you'll find they want the option to sell the lease after 10 years to anyone they want to with out county control.

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