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Letter: Eliminate tax loopholes to fix budget shortfall

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The ongoing budget debate between the two houses of our state legislature was created by this same confederacy of dunces.

Dear Reader,
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European Socialism

The wealthy few? Thanks for the Wealthy Few (I am not one of them.) for they create jobs, are generous contributors to foundations and charities (hospitals, library, and on and on) which otherwise would not exist for the benefit of the many, and they have been responsible for the uplifting of those who are now portrayed as being shortchanged otherwise. Tax loopholes? No such thing if the taxes are dealt with in accordance with existing laws. By the way. is it time to pay DOWN the over $17 trillion national debt? It may be too late. A man name Lincoln was quoted as having said, "You don't make a short man tall by cutting off the legs of a tall man."


Microsoft, arguably one of our largest "job creators" is about to create 18,000 unemployed people. NC Legislature is trying to create 6,000 more on the backs of our future generations.

Gotta love 'em. Repugnicans.

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12

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That's what they did

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