Letter: Eliminating studio art won’t fix mismanagement

By Betty Haar-Salvo

The Daily Advance

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I read with dismay your article about Elizabeth City State University officials thinking about eliminating ECSU’s degree program in studio art.

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Eliminating the Art Department

Hail to the Prophet! My Mom always said, "The Truth will set you free." There should be a serious call for the removal of Benjamin Durant and Ali Khan, they are equally as guilty as Willie Gilchrist for the chaos and demeaning of Elizabeth City State University. Then again, the entire current leadership needs to be terminated for meaningful and lasting change to occur. Please be mindful that an organization is only as good as its leadership. Aren't Benjamin Durant and Ali Khan head honchos at ECSU. They should leave on the Midnight Train to Georgia, or seek a spider hole to hide like Osama bin Laden. A Disciple of the Prophet!

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