Letter: Encountering others dissipates differences

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I have been reading Karen Armstrong’s third memoir, “The Spiral Staircase,” and encountering her musings on visiting the Holy Land in 1983. Armstrong, who spent seven years of her early adult life training as a nun at a convent in Great Britain, found that this encounter in the Middle East made her realize she had an amazingly limited view of the Jewish people and their religion, even though they were the origins of the Roman Catholic faith and of all Christianity.

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Middle East visit opened my eyes too

When stationed in the Middle East in the late '80s, I visited the Christian holy sites in and around Jerusalem. Regardless of where we stopped, we were approached by muslim street sellers, even when we were engaged in prayers and meditations. I knew then they had no respect for us as Christians; we were not invited to visit 'The Dome of the Rock', but were accepted at 'The wailing Wall' and allowed to see historic, ancient Torah scrolls. Despite our differences, I know who I'd rather have at my back.

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