Letter: Exactly where, when did Christ advocate execution?

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The Daily Advance Web poll on Aug. 3 on the death penalty reminded me that the United States still executes its people.

Dear Reader,
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Jesus advocated for capital

Jesus advocated for capital punishment through the Apostle Paul in Romans 13. The government bears the sword to those who do evil. But He advocated worse than that in Revelation. There we get a glimpse of Hell wherein lies the fate of all those who reject or trample on the Son of God. Hell is much worse than physical execution because it is for eternity. Christ came as a savior once. He is waiting patiently now, but at some point in the future he will come as an avenger to those who have rejected or scoffed at the Gospel. I wouldn't want to be left behind to face that kind of judgment. It's all in The Book

And why

would anyone bother to answer your silly question? You wouldn't agree with it anyway.


freespeaker - I happen to agree with you about this guy. I am sick and tired of his constant anti-American and often anti-Christian letters. Maybe in no one comments, he will cease & desist. Bill Hiemer

A great idea!

Thanks for thinking of that, Bill!

Well, freespeaker & ...

2headsrbetterthan1 should actually try to answer the question instead of personally attacking the writer. I want to read your answer. Perhaps you can't answer the question, good christians that you may be?

So, here's my challenge: Answer the question.

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12


Force 12 - I have been a fan. I often read your posts, and while I do not always agree with your comments, I recognize they are well presented and researched. You are intelligent & I appreciate your viewpoints. However, I do not agree that I "personally attacked the writer". I am usually VERY careful not to do that. It is simply not my style. I have re-read my post & believe it expresses my opinion, without personally attacking Mr. Gill. If you feel I have attacked him, I will apologize to Mr. Gill. I am far from perfect. As for your "challenge", I have no interest in answering his question. If I want to debate/discuss that issue (which I do not) I have several friends who are members of the clergy. I would talk with them, not Mr. Gill. And, yes, I do try to be a good Christian, Force 12. Also a good, patriotic citizen. Thus, my initial post, which could apply to many, many of Mr. Gill's letters to TDA, which have over time, gotten under my skin. However, I did not attempt to personally attack him. And please, I always sign my name - kindly spell it correctly! Bill Hiemer

Mr. Hiemer, thank you...

for your courteous and thoughtful reply. I guess I was hoping for something from you along this line regarding Mr. Gill's letter. But, I was surprised and disappointed to see you pile on with Mr. freespeaker.

I personally think that this is a serious topic that warrants open public discussion and not the kind of reply that I saw, and which I still read as an attack on the writer. So, I reacted.

My sincere apologies for misspelling your name. I had to try your nom de plume a couple of times and overlooked my destruction of your actual name. My Duh.

Regarding Mr. Gill's letters - yes, he's a good bomb-thrower. But his topics are usually timely and thought-provoking.

I'm still interested to hear your opinion if you're willing to share. The Christian community is divided on this topic, I believe, so individual reasoning is important to the discussion. I learned a lot from Twinstar regarding his Christian viewpoint of state executions. Perhaps minds will change, one way or another, as a result.

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12

PS: Do you still see "Not Silent" when you reply to my posts? I think the paper cured this, but maybe not.


FORCE 12 - You viewed Jerry Gill's letter as a serious question, looking for a reply. I did not. Thus my post. I viewed it thru the lens of his/her past writings, which, in my opinion, have included terrible insults to our men & women in uniform. For you, his/her letters are timely & thought provoking. For me, I just see red. I still agree with FREESPEAKER that Mr./Ms. Gill could not care less about an answer. I think he/she has made comments about our Country and our armed forces that are very inappropriate. To stir the pot. That is my opinion. I maybe wrong. If that is "attacking the writer", so be it. I am not a mean person. I do try to be honest. And respectful to those who deserve respect. And no, I still have no interest in answering his/her question. That was never the point of my post. Again, same letter viewed thru 2 different lenses. Appreciate the correct spelling of my name ...falls under the category of "if I had a nickel"! And, yes, you still appear as "Not Silent". God Bless all our troops! I am proud to honor them. Bill Hiemer


Why respond to YOUR silly question and challenge? You, as well, are not going to agree with anything said. Time spent answering your challenge would only further satisfy your already inflated ego. My watching grass grow would be much more productive.

Not my question...

It's Mr. Gill's question. I'm honestly interested to hear your ostensibly christian viewpoint. I'll even engage in an honest discussion with you and anyone else that wants to join in. Mr. Twinstar and I exchanged pleasantries on this very subject until probably both of us ran out of words. I still owe him a church visit from that one that I will pay. I responded to Ms. Koerber-Audette on this same topic, although she has never repeated the subject in her column.

Yes, I'm provoking you. Mr. Gill threw the ball and all you did was heckle the pitcher from the nosebleeds. Pretty gutless behavior for such a loud pen.

You? I think I've understood you from my first run in with a school-yard bully. Here's a hint. I did not run. He did not try again. I apologized to the principal, but thanked my mom afterward.

Mr. Heimer's reply suprised me. I expected better of him than he's shown here.

Time to get in the game and swing for the fences, mate or lay off the insults. What is your honest answer to Mr. Gill's question?

Now, here are the rules for your next reply. Your next reply will tell us readers that you have a useful, thoughtful brain, or it might just confirm our worst fears. No reply cowardice is also confirmation.

Batter up! Bring friends. We'll have a really good time with this subject. But, don't bring Mr. Gilbert. He's still not allowed to write here until he apologizes to Melanie.

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12


Surely you jest! Taunting maybe, but, yawn.........I have no interest in feeding your ego. I'll stick to watching the grass grow. PS- Mr. Hiemer is soooooo much more perceptive than you could ever hope to be.

I think...

that we've just reached ludicrous speed!

I agree with you regarding Mr. Hiemer. Always good to exhange thoughts with a thoughtful person.

I see that there's no point in pursuing yours. Enjoy your lawn/yawn.

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12

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