Letter: First response should be cutting the budget

By Gordon T. Adams Sr.

The Daily Advance

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Our county commissioners in Pasquotank say they are borrowing $735,000 less in next year’s budget. However, they still are borrowing nearly $1 million, raising our property tax rate by 13 cents, and using a large chunk of our county’s rainy day fund. What a great package. Just kidding!

Nothing in the reporting by The Daily Advance indicates that our commissioners even looked at existing budget items to see how spending might be reduced. They took the easy path by going directly to raising taxes. Nevermind that the new tax rate is supposed to be “revenue-neutral.” Real estate values will eventually go back up. But the next revaluation is eight years off. So we can expect no tax relief in the near future.

Dear Reader,
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Under State law, every County

Under State law, every County MUST conduct a revaluation of property at least once every 8 years. Since property tax revenue hinges on the value of all parcels in the county, if the value of that property decreases, so does the revenue stream. Conversely, if the value of those parcels increases, the revenue derived will increase. Each individual parcel's tax bill is based on the value of the parcel times the county tax rate. In order for the county to derive the same amount of revenue from the total number of parcels, the tax rate must be adjusted. In this particular case, parcels lost value - so the County needed to raise the tax rate in order to receive the same amount of revenue. Each individual parcel's bill will depend on how much that parcel lost or gained in value times the new tax rate.

Thank you, Sparatus

People get very upset after revaluations and they seem not to understand that the important part is which comparable properties are valued similarly. Counties need $X to provide services. It certainly does not excuse council from seeking savings. It is, however, difficult to get people to understand the interaction of property revaluation and tax rate.

All true,

but this does not absolve our elected officials from the responsibility of annually watching the budget like a hawk to be responsible fiscal stewards.

I don't live in

Pasquotank, but EVERY county is facing this. What services would you like to see cut? Specific services, please.

Let's just raise

local, state and federal taxes to make Melanie happy.

I asked

I asked what services you would cut -- specifically. You chose not to answer. Perquimans is actually going to hold the line on the tax rate.

What specifically

did Perquimans cut?

Don't blame them

While Raleigh takes credit for cutting taxes and spending, has anyone considered what that means when they put the costs on the backs of our Commissioners


Excellent observation! And it's just going to get worse with this General Assembly. What services, exactly, would anyone like to see cut?

Responsible Spending Now!

Several months ago someone mentioned how we were once on a pay as you go system in the county. We were not thousands of dollars in debt. We need to get back to that and responsible decision making and spending. We either can afford it or we can't. Remember when the county could borrow money from the hospital? There have got to be drastic and dramatic cuts and we will have to live with the consequences. The school system was going to spend thousands on computers. Were these for testing under Common Core? If so they can be put on hold. Have we seen positive proof that computer have improved the academic learning and scores of our students? Computers are not miracle workers nor can they listen to children read. FIX All The School Roofs that need fixing and get hat item off the table!

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