Letter: Foul-mouthed 'Peanuts’ characters not amusing

By Thelma Ganyon

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I don’t watch a lot of TV. So the other evening I was channel surfing to check out what is now available for public viewing. I ran across something that, I feel, has hit a new low.

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Not intended for children

This was actually a spoof done on the SNL Christmas special. Saturday Night Live put up ample warnings and there were no children in the audience thinking they were watching You're A Good Man Charlie Brown. That was just some basic film editing. I'm sorry that you came across this without knowing what exactly you were watching, but I am curious as to why you didn't just change the channel once the offensive language started. If you don't like it, change it. I wasn't impressed with it either, so guess what? I changed the channel. It's called personal responsibility and it is in short supply these days.


what a sad use of the lovable Peanuts Characters.

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