Letter: Get Olympics coverage on TV out of the gutter

By Betty Salvo

The Daily Advance

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I find it mind-boggling that folks on TV news shows are talking about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s dislike for homosexuality. Why don’t they concentrate instead on how he feels about the United States’ confrontation with Iran?

Dear Reader,
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Being pro homosexuality and

Being pro homosexuality and anti homophobic is part of the mainstream media's agenda. They want you (and the rest of the world) to dislike Putin because he is anti-gay. There are many better reasons to dislike Putin. He is essentially a ruthless dictator. But, for now, the main-stream media will be content with you disliking him for his anti-gay posture.

Hey, the man has his opinion too!

That's his opinion. If it differs from yours, so be it. Don't condemn him for saying what he feels, blame the MEDIA & NETWORKS for spouting off and spreading it all over the world. THEY are the ones who chose to publicize it. THEY are the ones spoon-feeding you with what THEY want you to know. THEY are the ones making an issue out being close and suggesting the touching & feeling. If it doesn't excite, shock, or p*** you off, then, to THEM, it's not worth talking about or showing. Ratings & reaction is all THEY care about. As long as you watch or listen THEIR crap, you are just as big a part of the problem as THEY are! You took the time to write this gripe. Take a few minutes more and write THEM.

Hear! Hear!

Well said! Couldn't agree more!

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