Letter: Gun owners some of most law-abiding

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A column by Chris Fitzsimon in your Saturday, April 27 edition about the insanity of proposed gun law changes would have you believe that our elected representatives in state government want to turn North Carolina into the gunfight at the OK Corral East. I believe the proposed changes are only applicable to those people with a concealed-carry permit, not the general public. The people with a permit have already undergone training and background checks.

My question to Mr. Fitzsimon is: of those individuals with concealed-carry permits, how many have been guilty of a gun-related crime, or any crime for that matter? Statistics show nationwide that concealed-carry permit holders are overall some of the most law-abiding citizens in the U.S. They, permit holders, have more to lose for even minor infractions so they tend to obey the laws.

So why is Mr. Fitzsimon trying to scare everyone? Where are his facts to back up his reasoning?





This article provides quality and useful information! There are a lot of people who own guns in the U.S. and unfortunately some of them own it illegaly. What is also sad is that many people use guns in order to commit crimes and robberies. However there are cases in which you have to use the gun in order to defend yourself and you may commit a crime because of that. In this case you should Check Out https://connifflaw.com/ in order to hire a good lawyer and defend yourself.

It could be argued that gun

It could be argued that gun owners don't have control over their guns all the time, and although they are some of the most law abiding citizens, as I read on https://www.gaworkerscomplawyers.com/, most of the gun violence happens with unregistered guns, or when the person using the gun is not the legal owner.


Thank you for providing this useful information. There are many people who own guns in the United States and unfortunately many of them doesn't have a carry permit. I am having a friend who works as a lawyer at the Mapes law office and he told me that they are having a lot of cases of crimes commited by gun shooting every year.

Gun owners suffer the effects

Gun owners suffer the effects of prior gun legislation against then unforeseen changes in circumstances. I learned about this while I was doing research for my thesis on pre settlement funding. The law reached only opposite-sex spouses—those being the only sort that were recognized in any State at the time of the change.

The Gun Ownership Law also

The Gun Ownership Law also saves lives.. Ignoring serious mental health will only lead to further criminalizing, stigma, trauma and tragedy.. just check out Express Bail Bonds or ask Ron Thomas father of Kelly Thomas and C Daniel DeWitt or any other parent or mentally ill person who has been through this.

I get it, guns are necessary

It is common knowledge that guns are necessary sometimes for self-defense or in high stake places, to protect goods, documents, public figures etc. But there is no harm in limiting possession. By just starting to browse this site, one may come across some very interesting articles about how to maintain justice in the modern society.

It is constitutionally

It is constitutionally permissible for states to ban the sale and possession of drugs, self-serve gas, cars that pollute, or radar detectors, I know from www.danareynoldslaw.com. Heller enshrined in law the anomaly that guns alone are immune from such treatment, but that does not absolve governments from the responsibility to protect citizens from gun violence.

I think it's a mistake

I think it's a mistake identifying the person and the gun as a single unit. I discussed it with David Allen & Associates and a gun is no more "law abiding" than any other highly portable and potentially dangerous object such as a car, a prescription drug, or a jet. Each of these is objects is benign, until it is being driven by a drunk, abused by an addict, or flown into a building.

I learned the basics of

I learned the basics of shotguns and things like the AR 15 accessories online, and I am glad that gun owners are some of the most law abiding citizens. It makes me feel safer.


I had some doubts on the statistics portion due to most states (including NC) passing privacy acts but some states do require Sheriff's depts to report the said statistics. You are correct on your assessment in NC, less so nationwide, really it is dependent by the state. http://www.ncdoj.gov/CHPStats.aspx

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