Letter: Hard-working should not carry lazy, selfish

By James Hill

The Daily Advance

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Several months back, I wrote a letter to The Daily Advance about ants and grasshoppers. I have been paying a lot of attention to the things going on around in our country as well as right here in Elizabeth City.

Dear Reader,
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Mr. Hill- Many of us understand your frustrations, but I, for one have little faith the answer lies with our elected officials, be they "grasshoppers" or "ants". If you have not already, please refer to the SAT 14 JUNE DAILY ADVANCE article "Juneteenth celebration draws a large crowd", and read the comments presented by Mr. Harold Barnes, Sr., the featured speaker. His views on personal responsibility & accountability are very refreshing. If followed by all - including our leaders - we would, once again, be a dynamic, hard working Country with appropriate, closely monitored safety nets. Unfortunately, Mr. Hill, I am an old timer, and not confident I'll witness such change. But, let's keep the faith! Bill Hiemer

Spot on...

And look at the flood of illegal immigrants crossing our borders while presenting the Democrap salute... hand extended forward - palm pointed skyward. This very day we have USCG C-130 aircraft ferrying illegal immigrants from Texas to New Mexico - free of charge with a red carpet welcome. My wallet is getting lighter by the day!

Completely agree - and..

my friends and I are going to vote out our repugnicans just as fast as possible;)

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12

Farts 12

You have friends?

Yup. Hard...

as that might be to believe. Well. Okay. Acquaintances with shared values.

Is that better?


Hey, the paper is still trying to figure out why that "Not Silent" is still creeping into my posts. Very curious.

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12

Good luck with that,


I concur

I concur

Well said,

Mr. Hill.

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